People Who Keep U-32 Running: Nate Lovitz

This article was written by Wylder Gluck in appreciation for all the work Nate Lovitz has done for U32. 


Nate Lovitz is a counselor at U32 who guides students through class/college selection and emotional needs. His job often keeps him at his desk with emails, phone calls, and meetings, but out of the office, he helps with the transportation of students and filling in for teachers.



Nate has found that Covid is causing a confusing high school experience for students, leaving them questioning what’s next. “Some aren’t ready for college, and that’s fine,” Nate says, “If you’re going to take some time off, what does that look like?”

His workload has increased greatly throughout Covid. He still goes above and beyond. His coworkers have described him as very organized, helpful, calm, excellent to work with, and easy to talk to. 



Tracy Martin works with Nate in student services. “He goes out of his way to find students if he knows they need something,” she says.

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