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The original version of this opinion piece was published on November 1st and was followed by much controversy. The Chronicle’s editors took the piece down that same night. Since then, the Chronicle has been working with the author to revise the piece for republication. Among other things, one paragraph was changed from the original version. The original is shown below:

“The vast majority of books written in English have been written by whites. The logical outcome is that there are more books of higher quality written by white English speakers than non-white English speakers. There are books of high quality written by non-white authors, but the simple fact is that when the pool of content is overwhelmingly white, the top end of the spectrum of literary quality will also be overwhelmingly white.”

Again, opinion pieces do not reflect the views or beliefs of the U-32 Chronicle.

We tried to represent several perspectives in our editorial comments in this post but recognize that these remain incomplete. We would like to acknowledge and respect that some members of BLAMM (Black LatinX Asian and Many More) are boycotting the Chronicle at this time. They have declined to offer their perspective in this setting.

To be clear, our purpose for republishing the article is because it prompted a lot of discussions and many people had not read the original version. We did not want rumors or second-hand information to circulate. We recognize in publishing this piece that we are compounding the harm done to those who felt injured by the original publication, but we are trying to maintain transparency and openness in our community.