Search for U-32’s New Principal

This article was written by Elsie Koger, a student in Journalism class.


U-32 is currently in the process of hiring a new principal for next year. U-32 will see many new changes coming next year with both our principal and assistant principal leaving next year.


Steven Dellinger-Pate U-32’s current principal.


Steven Dellinger-Pate (U-32’s current principal) applied for the available superintendent position and got the job. This leaves U-32 with no principal for next year, so the process of hiring is underway and almost finished.


Regarding the search for hiring a new assistant principal since Jess Wills will be leaving us next year, Jenn said, “We haven’t discussed that in settings anyway.” Jenn Ingersoll is a teacher at U-32 and a member of the hiring committee. There are currently 2 searches under way: the search for the principal and a search for the director of special education in the district.


“I will miss Steven but I am glad he got the position he wanted,” said Flora Esteban-Hollister, a student at U-32. Students have differing opinions on the topic of having someone new in the principal position for next year.


“I don’t think it is necessarily a bad thing to have someone new in,” said Maeve Daloz, a student at U-32 regarding having someone new take on the principal position.

There are certain qualities in a principal that some students would like to see in the new principal. “I would like someone who takes student input into account when dealing with various matters,” said Flora.


Question from the survey Megan Roy sent out.

Megan Roy sent out an email a couple of months ago asking teachers, students, parents, community members, and board members asking them what they thought key attributes of the new principal should be. “From the survey that was most important for a skill set [was] being a collaborative problem solver, relationship building strength, effective communicator, and community engagement,” said Jenn. “It was also identified that the person we’re seeking needs to be an active listener. They need to be transparent, open minded, respectful, flexible, realistic, and collaborative. That’s what came from the survey,” said Jenn.


Question from the survey Megan Roy sent out.


They began the process of hiring by Megan Roy sending out an email asking community members if they would like to be a part of the hiring process.The hiring committee consists of 1 board member, several teachers, parents, 2 students, administrators, and some people from the central office. “It’s a big committee. So there’s a lot of representation and a lot of different stakeholders who are represented,” said Jenn.


The hiring committee met for the first time on April 25th and were tasked on break to go through candidates and to score based off of a scale from 1 to 4. 1 meaning poor, 2 meaning fair, 3 meaning good, and 4 meaning excellent. They had a good amount of candidates, not too many that it was overwhelming but enough where they had good options.

They rated them based on things like their communication skills, their past experiences, their resume, and how has their past and current experiences set them up for being adequate candidates and being hired for this position


On April 30th the day back from break they met and compiled all the rankings. They found out who the top candidates were.The top candidates from that had a round of interviews to narrow it down even more.


On Monday May 6th, the final candidates came into school. Students had the opportunity to meet the final candidates and interact with them. On May 7th they will do another final round of interviews with the final candidates. By sometime during the week of May 6th, we should know who the new principal will be. “I think everybody’s on tenterhooks waiting to know what is going to happen,” said Jenn.


The hiring process for the new principal is almost over and we will soon know who our next principal will be. There are many new changes coming to U-32 in the next year. It will be a relief to know who will be helping the school through these changes. Everyone is anticipating the announcement of the new principal and it will very soon be revealed to the public.

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