Keeping our School Spotless

This was written by Drew Frostick, a member in Journalism class.


U-32’s custodial crew work hard in keeping the school as clean as it can be. “At the end of the day, you know, when everyone leaves the janitors are the last ones here, they always do amazing in my room, I really appreciate them,” Krista Dy said.   They’re the first ones in and the last ones to leave. 


U-32 has two day crews which work during the day to keep up with the messes that students leave around.  That includes regular cleans of the bathrooms, water fountains and surfaces that get touched more often, like doorknobs.


Jennifer Duprey is the head custodian at U-32 and she started working here in 2001 as a class substitute. She then left for a couple years and came back to work here in 2016, which is when she took the position of head custodian. 


A janitor’s cart outside a bathroom.


A common question Jen faces is about all the chemicals being used to clean the surfaces at U-32. They use cleaning products that are safe for the kids and does not have a strong scent that would fill the school with that chemical smell. The biggest complaint they hear is that after cleaning, “It doesn’t smell clean.” The reason for this is that they don’t want those strong smells.   


Jen prides herself on assembling a great team. “One of the great things about our crew is that each individual is good at the thing they do,” Jen has two crews, one that handles the middle school and one that handles the high school. That way the work gets done fast and the custodians can get home as quick as possible at the end of the day. 


U-32 janitor cleaning the lunchroom.


Although Jen and her crew’s contributions to the school rarely get recognition, Jen says her favorite part about the job is on graduation day. At one of the busiest times of the year for the U-32 custodial crew is dealing with the end of the year cleaning of the classrooms and moving things in and out. “Watching kids graduate, seeing them from 7th grade all the way to graduation day, I feel like we were a big part of that,” Jen said. She makes sure kids have a safe and clean school to learn in throughout their highschool journey.

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