Principal’s Press Preview

This article was written by the members of the Journalism class.


In the light of the May 7 budget revote, the Chronicle is publishing this excerpt of the Principal’s Press conference from Thursday, May 2. Additional topics will be added later this week.


U-32 has been in the process of making cuts in order to fit the WCUUSD budget next year. After the proposed budget failed, adjustments were needed to align with the cuts. “We’re cutting positions, not people,” said Steven.


These reductions look at student enrollment when making these decisions. U-32 has reduced faculty by an english teaching position, a math teaching position, and a social studies teaching position. The elementary schools reduced some art and PE positions. However, “[there will be] no change in students in the district getting their art, PE, and Music [credits] from this year to next year,” Steven said.


Reducing positions has been hard on the community. “We unfortunately have to say goodbye to people that we have grown to love and respect and so it’s always tough,” said Steven. He says that the district encourages people who are either already seeking positions or thinking about retirement to move forward with those decisions given the budget. “It’s also necessary with the declining enrollment,” he said.


On May 7th, the community will revote on the new budget proposal. “I hate to be pessimistic and so I’m very hopeful that the budget will pass but if it does not we will have to make further reductions,” said Steven. 


If the budget does not end up passing there will be changes to programs not just at U-32 but across the district. “I don’t want this to be a threat or a fear,” said Steven. 

The programs that would be cut would be programs that don’t have very many students or programs that are not “core” academics. “[The] core academics are what [we] protect first,” said  


Steven mentions that the possibility of cuts in the middle school would be pretty low.  Because there are a lot of kids, it’s not an area they are looking at as much.


Another area there most likely wouldn’t have as many cuts in is the arts department at U-32. “The art teachers in our school serve more students than any other teachers,” said Steven.  Because they already have so many students to teach, cuts probably won’t be made there.


One area that a lot of students are concerned about is athletics.  If this budget is voted down, athletic programs might be in trouble.  “Athletics and sports is certainly something we would have to look at. There are areas in which we could reduce it, but it would be across the schools,” said Steven.


Just because it is something they might have to look at, does not necessarily mean there will be reductions. If there were, the reductions would be spread out between the schools and teams.


On a more positive note, Montpelier’s school budget recently passed. “It gives us encouragement because people see that, hey, we can pass budgets,” said Steven. One of their biggest reductions was closing the Roxbury School.


Though the outcome of the vote is uncertain, he hopes people can get some kind of hope from this news. Steven said, “I think that it certainly gives people optimism that we can pass our budgets in the second round. And we’re hopeful that the goodwill extends out into our communities as well.”


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