Mewing’s Positive Effects on People

This article was written by Daniel Yaeger, a senior in U-32 Journalism class.


Mewing is going viral all over the world right now. It’s taking over the internet and consuming everyone in its path. From young teens to the elderly, everyone is starting to become an alpha. 


“Mewing is one of the lastest great discoveries made in the 21st century,” Caleb Brigham, a student at U-32 said. His opinion is not far from others within the school that feel this way. 


“It’s dedication. It’s a lifestyle.” Carl Wendel said. 


The benefits that mewing has brings to people that keeps them coming back. Mewing is placing the tongue to the roof of the mouth and flexing the jaw bone. This creates the infamous “V” Jaw line or Max. It will help your jaw be sharper and be more defined. 


Mewing is more popular than its counterpart Bone Mashing. Bone mashing is used to have the same results as mewing but is not as simple as it is and more painful it is.  


One of the more serious aspects that mewing does is realign the jaw or chin to make you look more natural. It can help bite as well if you have an over or underbite. Helping with breathing and swallowing for people that have had trouble with it in the past.


Does mewing actually work? Most people think it’s just a made up thing for ego-lifters. The reality is, It really does work. 


Just one example of its impact comes from Carl Wendel, a student at U-32. “It’s changed my life. It makes me feel like I can do anything,” he said. His life before was dark and dreary. Never really felt like anything was working for him but rather working against him. Then one day he came across mewing. From that day on Carl has been a different person, “I’m overall just happier.” All this change started because of mewing.

Carl Wendel showing off years of mewing (Daniel Yaeger/U-32 Chronicle) 


Carl’s social life has been completely transformed. A man that couldn’t bear to talk to girls, now has a girlfriend because of it. “It’s something I don’t think would have ever happened if I didn’t mew.” 


It started to affect his school as well. Having trouble talking to teachers about his problems in school was hurting his overall performance. “I was failing to be honest.” Mewing helped him complete the academic comeback. “I’m more confident when I’m talking to teachers. It’s helped me get more help.”      

But not everyone has experienced the power of the mewing. “I looked it up. I had no idea before then,” said Dakota Garrow, a physical education teacher at U-32. “I have seen people talk about it but it never struck me on what it was.”


Josh Pearson is another student who has heard about mewing but never tried it. “I know my friends mew but I am not an avid mewer.” Even though he doesn’t actively mew he does understand the benefits. “My dad actually mews and it’s been huge for him to stay looking young and fit,” said Josh, “He tells me I need to start mewing to be Max, I think we could mew together and it would be a very cool memory.”   


Looking Max has many different benefits. Carl exclaims it helps, “Show off in those hot pictures,” and, “It helps me define my jaw and makes me be able to look Max more often.” Being able to look Max is the biggest benefit that it brings. 


But for some people these are not very important in their life. “The way it really changed my life was chewing strength,” Dallas Sulton’El said.

Dallas Sulton’El is in the beginning stages of mewing (Daniel Yaeger/U-32 Chronicle)

Gym rats are starting to treat this muscle just like other muscles in their body. “It makes it feel less likely to break,” said Carl, “It’s a muscle in your body. I feel like if you workout your legs why don’t you workout your jaw the same. The jaw is a bone, even though you don’t realize it your jaw can break just like other bones. Building up strength will help prevent it from happening.”


“I feel like people that don’t workout should still do this, it’s vidal to a healthy life.” said Caleb.


“If you don’t mew then you’re not going to go anywhere in life,” said Dallas. This harsh yet true statement brings light to some people’s beliefs on the topic. Mewing is necessary for being the best version of yourself.  



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