What Christmas Movies are People Watching This Season?

This article is written by Journalism student, Samara Davis.


A smattering of blinking fluorescent lights, lush garlands hanging upon doors, and piles upon piles of snow. Christmas is a time for joyous celebrations, connections and high spirits, and although to some it may not be the most wonderful time of the year, there’s a lot to look forward to when the holiday season rolls around. One of these things is Christmas Movies, which are a surprisingly controversial topic of discussion. 


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Within U-32, Christmas is reflected in many ways, one of which being the play that the U-32 theater performed last year. It was a musical adaptation of the popular Christmas movie Elf, and it was a major hit for the theater. With this kept in mind, it may be no surprise that Elf is one of the most well-loved Christmas movies within U-32. Krista Dy, an art teacher at U-32, said, “Elf is fun and magical and it’s sweet for the family but really funny the whole time [too].” Krista’s least favorite Christmas movie is Home Alone, as she doesn’t appreciate the crude, slapstick humor. 


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In comparison, Lyric Luce, a ninth grader at U-32, considers Home Alone and Elf to be her favorite Christmas movies. “They’re funny, and they’re cheerful, and they have some suspense,” said Lyric. Her least favorite Christmas movie is A Christmas Story, and she likes Christmas movies with humor and action. 


Similarly, Emilyn Cloud, another freshman at U-32, loves Home Alone because of the amusing premise of forgetting your child while going on vacation. Emilyn believes that a good Christmas movie, “has to be funny, but can’t be extremely animated.” 


Home Alone has been an incredibly popular choice, but other, more underdog movies have stolen the hearts of many at U-32. Lesley Fitch, an administrator at U-32, loves The Muppets Christmas Carol, a 1987 musical animation. “It’s got great songs, I love the Muppets, and some of them make me cry,” said Lesley. Lesley doesn’t like “stuff that’s commercial,” and believes that a good Christmas movie is one that “evokes real feelings.” 


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While Christmas movies are a large part of the holiday season and are constantly advertised during December, not everyone is so fond of the activity. “I’m not particularly fond of Christmas movies… As a person with ADHD, I can’t sit down and watch TV,” said Sue Verchereau, an administrator at U-32. 


Sue has always preferred outdoor activities over movies and said that even when she watches television, it hardly keeps her attention. But even though Sue may not celebrate Christmas with movies, she has her own important traditions. “My favorite part of Christmas is just being with my kids and my extended family,” said Sue. She shared her tradition of making Pavlova, which is an Australian meringue cake and eating it with her family. 


Karen Liebermann, a teacher at U-32, likes Elf, but her real favorite Christmas movie is Love Actually, a 2003 romantic comedy. “I just love all the different stories,” said Karen. Karen believes that a good Christmas movie has to be one that, “our family can watch together,” and appreciates movies that have a good message. Karen said, “Amid this season that can be a lot about [material] things, it’s a shared experience.” 

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