Swifties at School

This article was written by Stella Stoufer, a sophomore in Journalism class and a Swiftie.


Taylor Swift is a worldwide known female singer/songwriter. Taylor Swift has over 40 songs in her name and has caught the attention of millions. Many people love Taylor, however, some people don’t. 


“I’m just not a huge fan of her music,” said Justin Fontaine, the U-32 Athletic Director. Even though Taylor Swift has a very large following, there still are people like Justin who don’t love her. “I think she’s okay. I don’t really have a super strong opinion,” said Justin. 


The idea that Taylor Swift’s music is not always good but not bad is a trend that people are following. “I don’t listen to it all the time. But I like it. I don’t dislike it,” said Bonnie Gadapee, a business educator at U-32. Bonnie believes that Taylor Swift is overrated and that when an artist gets popular the media causes them to become overrated. “Because all we do is hear about her, while there are other people out there in the world doing wonderful things as well,” said Bonnie. 


Bonnie Gadapee, a business educator at U-32.

Other people don’t love Taylor Swift because of different reasons. “I just think all Taylor Swift’s music kind of sounds the same. I like music that’s really different,” said Amy Urling, a high school Science teacher at U-32. Aida Coffey, a sophomore at U-32 agrees, “a lot of her stuff sounds the same.” Aida believes that Taylor is a very talented singer, however, Aida also believes that she is a little overhyped. 


Aida Coffey, a sophomore at U-32.

Izzy Parrish, a sophomore at U-32 listens to a variety of artists and has noticed a trend among popular artists. “If you like one song you have to like all her other songs as well. That’s what it’s like with other artists like Noah Kahan. He’s so overrated but I like one song so I like all of them,” said Izzy. Izzy believes that Taylor Swift is a good artist and that a lot of people love her music because it’s so similar. 


Izzy Parrish, a sophomore at U-32.

Some of Taylor Swift’s songs are slow, and Izzy listens to them differently. “There are songs I like and songs I don’t want to sing or listen to. I just have these songs playing in the back,” said Izzy. However, not all of Taylor’s songs are like this for Izzy. There are some Taylor Swift songs that Izzy will listen to. Izzy likes the album Folklore. “I like them. I like what’s in the song. The lyrics, the vibe,” said Izzy. 


Paige Parker, a sophomore at U-32 said “I don’t think some of her songs are worth what people say. The hype of them.” Even though Paige doesn’t like some of Taylor Swift’s music, Paige doesn’t dislike it at all. Paige listens to some of Taylor’s older music because “it’s the only ones I know.” She doesn’t like Taylor’s more pop-centered music. She likes country songs. Paige said, “I think she’s a little overrated, but she’s still a good artist.” 

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