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This article was written by Journalism student Stella Stoufer


It’s late January when all the students at U-32 are requesting classes. This is a process months before an upcoming school year, it’s for students to choose the classes they are interested in at U-32. However, some classes don’t run.  “They request classes and then [Lisa LaPlante] decides which classes are going to run based on what people sign up for,” said Kristine Chartrand, an art teacher at U-32.  


After students sign up for classes, not every class can happen. “If there’s enough interest, the class will run, and if not they won’t,” said Kristine. In order for a class to occur, there has to be 12 students enrolled in it. For students who sign up for classes that don’t end up running, they need to find a different class that will. 


Some classes at U-32 haven’t run in years, “Printmaking hasn’t run in about five years,” said Kristine. In order for students to want to take a class, advertising is helpful, but since classes like printmaking don’t run enough, the teachers can’t advertise the class. “It makes it hard to advertise it because people just haven’t seen the work from that class,” said Krisitine. 


Printmaking isn’t the only class that doesn’t get to run this year. “I taught a class with Karen Lieberman for two years called Change Makers,” said Meg Alison, a librarian at U-32. “We taught it to the point where we had a student assistant program that was launched,” said Meg. She believes that Change Makers was a way for students to express their interests and without the class, it might cause students to have a loss of opportunity. 


Change Makers allowed many events to come back after being shut down, such as Word of Mouth and Student Council. “It definitely gives students who want to make a change more time than just a club during callback,” Meg Allison said. Change Makers has allowed students in the past to share their ideas. “A student tried to get cheerleading back up and running again.” However this year at U-32 change makers did not run. “We didn’t have enough enrollment,” said Meg. Without this class Meg was getting questioned by the students. “A lot of students ask me why changemarkers isn’t happening,”said Meg. She is hopeful there will be more interest next year so changemakers can once again run. 


Meg Allison a librarian at U-32



Even though there are many class options available at U-32, students and teachers believe there isn’t always enough to keep everyone engaged. “I think there should be a class about Climate Change, like a full class not just a unit,” said Grace Cannella, a sophomore at U-32. “I think we should have a class that goes more in depth about [climate change] that talks about the effects and all the science around it,” said Grace.  


Grace Cannella a 10th grader at U-32


“I feel like there could be more,” said Kerri Zurowski, the high school health teacher. “I think we should tailor the needs of the students,” Kerri Zurowski. She believes that U-32 should take students’ interests and create courses with them. “I think that kids have specific interests, and I think it would be really great to be able to offer an actual class versus kids having to create their own,” said Kerri. Many students at U-32 choose to make their own classes through a couple of programs. “Students have taken some alternative things through Students Services to account for their credit,” said Kerri Zurowski. Other programs that students can take are Pilot, and Branching out. “I know we have the Pilot program and whatnot, which is really cool. But I feel like if students are wanting to do Pilot, then maybe that means we need to offer some more things,” said Kerri. 


Complementary Academic Programs.


“We’re all just forced to take the same classes, and we can’t really dive into what we’re interested in,” said Adeline Cannella, a sophomore at U-32.  Adeline believes that because some classes are not available, it feels like everyone is taking the same courses. Making things more accessible could benefit students at U-32 because “a lot of people want to do different stuff,” said Adeline. “You should be able to learn about something you’re interested in without having to depend on other people to want to do the same thing,” Said Adeline Cannella. 


Adeline thinks that a marine photography class would be very interesting. “There’s a class through VTC, and I could take it.” However Adeline thinks that VTC (Vermont Technical College) presents some problems, “It’s not in the curriculum, so it would be extra work outside of school, which I feel like isn’t fair,” said Adeline. 

Considering what is available and what can be, Kristine said, “I mean I’m sure it’s hard, but we just can’t run a class if there aren’t enough students.”


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