New Faces: Sarah Lund

This article was written by Thomas Mangieri who is a senior in the Journalism class


Even when working in Washington, Volunteering for the Democratic Senatorial campaign committee Sarah Lund wanted to work as a teacher. Politics wasn’t what she thought that it would be, the next move for her was going to be teaching. 


She did some substitute teaching and loved it. Sarah decided that was what she wanted to do. She applied to be a Social Studies teacher at U-32 and got the job, which was perfect for her because her children were in the school system. She said, “I have three little kids who are in this district too. They’re in elementary school right now, but eventually they’ll come here.”


When her family wanted to leave Michigan in 2020 and eventually come to Vermont they, “Converted a school bus to a tiny house and traveled for about a year. And when we made it to Vermont, we loved it.”


Sarah Lund behind her children


Sarah did not go to college to become a teacher, instead she, “went to college actually to go to law school and moved to DC after and was working in politics, and just kind of realized it wasn’t what I thought it was,” she said.


“I met a wonderful person who encouraged me to do substitute teaching,” she said, “and I just fell in love with it.” After moving to Middlesex she started applying for jobs and was accepted as a Social Studies teacher at U-32.


Perviously, she taught at Bedford High School in Michigan. She said, “Coming from a Midwest school to U-32 and seeing how much you guys build community and how much it’s student-driven is incredible and I’m super excited to be part of it.”


She is excited about being here at U-32 and hopes to make U-32 stronger altogether. She said, “I just hope to build good relationships with students. Just to kind of be another adult if they need somebody to talk to or have any questions or guidance”.

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