Meet U-32’s Student Council Candidates

These profiles were collected from candidates by the Student Council advisors, Kevin Richards and Jade Walker.

The election will take place during callback on Wednesday, May 11th.


11th Grade Candidates


Name: Jack Thompson


Grade you are currently in: 11


Personal Statement: Our classrooms need reform. Too many students are spending seven hours a day sedentary, sleep-deprived, disinterested, stressed, and burned out – conditions with disastrous consequences for physical & mental health, social wellbeing, and education itself. Popular learning strategies like cramming study sessions, listening to lectures, and rereading textbooks are demonstrably ineffective for building understanding. And nowadays, schools are overreaching their authority, intruding on students’ family lives to give them extra work with high opportunity costs and dubious benefits.


I’ve been studying independently and in the classroom for years. I care about learning, which is why I believe U-32 has so much room for improvement. If I’m elected, I will use the full authority of the council to develop and propose new solutions to improve learning and wellbeing, grounded in scientific research, to the administration and school board, as well as increase student voice in educational decisions. Through research, communication, and democratization of school policies, we can do better.


Teacher Endorsement: Amy Koenigbauer


Student Recommendation #1: Jack Thompson is super committed, smart, and diligent, his passion shows in the work that he does. He is a person who genuinely wants what’s most beneficial for our community and he definitely has the means to make that happen, he’s a person who we would really love to see in the U32 student union. When Jack walks into a room, he brings a presence of being a leader. He is extremely level headed, intelligent, and passionate. He is a person who always makes a diligent effort to improve and would be more than capable of improving the environment of the school community. Jack is a person who brings both an intense curiosity and deep devotion to problem solving to any discussion he enters. He is an asset when tackling any issue, whether it be discrete mathematics or time management, he is willing to sit down and consider every angle of the issue appropriately and come to an answer that works. He is devoted, capable, and the U32 student union would be improved with him involved. There is not a student that we would trust more to hold a space for deep inquiry and curiosity than Jack Thompson. We are intrigued by Jack’s commitment to personalized learning and his interest in finding more opportunities for student voice and decision making at U-32. Over the past two years as a Pilot student he has created remarkable work while charting his own path, proving that relevance is of major importance in education. He is extremely accountable to his work and has innate interest in learning that is contagious. There is no doubt that Jack will listen deeply, research and respond with tremendous skill and respect. Jack is a determined and well rounded student, his capabilities and organizational skills have set him up for success, not just in a classroom setting but in the real world as well. He has a keen eye for detail and works to develop his critical thinking to further his ethics to make thoroughly prepared and considerate decisions that hold weight towards his actions that could potentially affect others. He’s outspoken and an advocate for his peers, constantly searching for opportunities to better the community around him in an accepting and respectful manner. His openness is clear, making him an easy person to talk to, Jack’s non-judgemental attitude is a key part of his personality and he holds respect for those he spends time with, which in turn others do the same for him. Jack is an extremely capable person with an undeniable determination to keep working hard and learning more. His consideration of other perspectives and possible outcomes would make him a perfect addition to the U32 student union. We couldn’t imagine a student more deserving and fitting than Jack to be a part of the new student union. We give him our highest endorsement. Sincerely, The Pilot Crew


Student Recommendation #2: “I have known Jack Thompson since he was toddling around in my storytimes at the Kellogg-Hubbard Library. Even then, Jack made an impression as a human with things to do! And places to go! And things to say! What a delight it was to come to U-32 seven years ago, and get to know Jack again, this time as a young adult with things to do, and go, and say. I have known Jack as a student in Seeking Social Justice, committed to showing up and digging into hard conversations and doing the work to make U-32 a more just place. I have worked with Jack in the Pilot program, as he works to make U-32 a place with authentic, relevant, and personalized learning. And I have seen Jack flourish in Stage 32, where he works to make U-32 a more joyful place. Jack would be an incredible asset to U-32’s Student Council!”



Name: Jasper Lorien


Grade you are currently in: 11


Personal Statement: I am running for student council because I know that I am the perfect candidate to help create a strong, long-lasting student leadership body that will be effective advocates and make sure that all voices are heard.


My Goals:


Prevent the mistakes of the past and create a strong foundation for the future of student leadership – The last student council became a glorified party-planning group with little representation and no motive to make change. I want to make sure that does not happen by working to create a student council with a strong foundation that exists long after we have graduated. If I were elected, I would be in the first year of the new student council, which would act as a transitional government. It would be our job to set the precedent and the groundwork for how the student council would operate in the future, and as both of my endorsements have shown, I would be the perfect candidate to accomplish that. 


Make sure that all people are represented – It is my goal that all voices in U-32 are represented by the student council, not just the loudest. If elected, I would make sure that would happen, even if those voices are saying something I don’t personally believe in. I have a precedent of doing just that, which Maya’s endorsement demonstrates.


Strengthen communication – In the past, communication between students and administrators has sometimes been difficult, especially for the senior class. Going into our senior year, I would make sure that the student council accurately communicates the needs of our grade and works to meet those needs. 


I have experience in student leadership and advocation through Seeking Social Justice, Glamm, and several other specialized task forces. I have been a part of the group working to create the student council from the very beginning, and as evidenced by both of my endorsements, I have repeatedly shown my dedication to this goal. 


Teacher Endorsement: Kevin Richards


Student Recommendation #1: When I heard that a student union was being created here at U-32 I was at first very skeptical. I had heard of examples of student politics at high schools but it never seemed to achieve exactly what it was created for, which was mostly due to those who ran it. That was until I attended some of the first meetings held to organize our student union. 


At those meetings I was able to see that this was going to be something far different from student groups at any other high school. I wasn’t convinced of that solely from the drastic improvement in organization, voting, and student-administration cooperation, but also because I could tell that the responsibility would be in the hands of incredibly motivated, caring and outspoken students. If those are indeed the traits you are looking for in a member of the executive council, then I can confidently say I nominate Jasper Lorien for the position. 


In recent years it has become difficult to find someone who is fully invested in what they do in high school, yet every week I see Jasper researching and planning to help build a powerful student voice like there has never been before at our school. Just like you can see them working tirelessly on creating our student union, you can also find them in many other student organizations such as Seeking Social Justice, GLAMM, and various task forces, all with the common goal of creating a safe, welcoming, and compassionate school environment for everyone. 


Ironically when most people refer to wanting to help and include ‘everyone’ they still tend to overlook some people, but I guarantee Jasper holds a true understanding of the word. Not only will that be shown in their proposed policies and choices as a part of the council, but also in the way they treat others.


You can easily find someone who is able to fill the role of a student union representative. It is much rarer however, that you find someone who will take on the responsibility with not only great interest, ideas, and motivation, but also with genuine care and understanding for those they speak for. So when I say Jasper is the ‘rare someone’ who is made to take on that leadership, you must believe me and take full consideration of my nomination for them. 


Student Recommendation #2: You don’t always find student council candidates endorsing their competitors. But since the very first day we began planning a student government, Jasper’s insights have been immensely valuable. 

The best solutions to complex problems often come from group discussion and debate. But it can be hard to find the balance between critiquing other people’s ideas and still maintaining respect for their contributions. It can be even harder sometimes to find someone who has things to say and is still willing to listen. In 1787, delegates to the constitutional convention all made the agreement “to argue without asperity, and to endeavor to convince the judgment without hurting the feelings of one another.” Even if the founders didn’t live up to their own words of what a democracy should be, they understood the importance of strength and respect in public discourse.

It’s that very form of discussion which leads me to support Jasper. They’ve proved themself an insightful thinker, a skilled debater, and a good listener. More than once, I’ve begun a discussion against them, only to find myself arguing for the other side after they’ve had their say. Even when we don’t come to an agreement, Jasper’s ideas have sharpened and clarified mine, and – I believe – led to resolutions that were far better off than if either one of us had gotten our way alone. 

Why should you vote for Jasper Lorien? I’m sure they’ll give you their own reasons, but mine is this: if you want a deep thinker on representation and government, someone thought-provoking and innovative, you ought to give them your consideration.



Name: Romeo Wild


Grade you are currently in: 11


Personal Statement: I am Rome, running as one of the senior candidates; I am a trans student and GLAMM member at the school. My career interest resides around parks, trail building, and conservation. In the future, I will be working with MYCC (Montpellier Youth Conservation Corps) over the summer to participate in projects centered on creating a more sustainable Montpelier. I wish to go to a college that’ll give me outdoor experience and environment sustainability knowledge. I hope to be a positive queer representative to help other students confide in GLAMM, and work with our SSJ Task Force to hopfully make their projects succeed quicker. I think of myself as a connected student to U32, as I have had my fair share of different clubs and activities. My goal is to focus on our inclusive spaces and club promotions because I know how hard it can be to find something you love. I’ve been in sports, theater, green team, GLAMM, SSJ Task Force, CBL, and run a new club this semester, JAM (Japanese Anime & Manga). I hope to help students by creating more space for individuality and hobbies and work with the librarians to widen shelves with series you love. Currently I plan to talk to our principal Steven about funding a crew to create more trails on our school’s property next year, and to personally work with them myself. With your votes, I can work with other future council members to develop ideas and bring them to life. To a friendly and humble campaign! 


Teacher Endorsement: Meg Allison


Student Recommendation #1: I think Romeo Wild would make a fantastic member of the student council. They are high-spirited, very adaptable and cool under pressure. Traits I believe are of benefit to someone in a position of leadership. I truly believe that Rome would do their best to really represent our student body. They are very motivated when it comes to things they believe in, so their time on student council would not be wasted. If they set a goal I trust that they’d see it through to the end. With Rome as a student leader we will see results. 


Student Recommendation #2: Romeo Wild would make an amazing student council representative because he is one of the most caring and motivated people I know. Romeo is a natural leader and can always figure out a solution to any problem that comes his way. In the time that I have known Rome he has proven to be resourceful, supportive, and passionate about the U-32 community. His goals around sustainability and inclusion will help make U-32 a better place. With Romeo being on the student council we could trust that he would make a difference. When Romeo expresses interest in something he sees it through and does his best, something I think makes him a good leader. Romeo is not only an active member in the community but he’s always looking for ways to make the school a more inclusive place. This is why I think Romeo is the best choice for student council.   

Name: Hutch Warren


Grade you are currently in: 11


Personal Statement: As a Student at U-32 and have spent  almost my whole highschool career in covid, and that sucks. It ruined the normal high school experience that most of us we expecting and I want to try and get things back on track. I want to make it so school is a better and more enjoyable space for fellow students which over the passed years has not been possible . I want to make spaces were students of all grades can hang out and feel comfortable to express themselves and just take a minute to relax. This past few years have been really tough for everyone, Students, Parents and staff. U-32 staff and faculty has done so much for us to be able to stay in school and they are trying to make it as good of as space as they possibly can. But they can only do so much I think its time for us students to reach out and try to make a change to help everyone feel not just included and safe when they come to school, but also glad and happy to be here. That’s why I am running for student council. I hope and want to make that happen for everyone.


Teacher Endorsement: Barret Jones


Student Recommendation #1: Hutch is a hard-working student who wants the best for everyone, he puts others before him and makes sure that everyone is well taken care of. He is a hard worker and is always trying to do something that will benefit everyone around him and make others happy. He has great leadership skills that he uses in the real world at his job. He became a manager at our work after only working there for one year. He knows how to run things well and is always able to keep people on track. I think that he would be a great addition to the team and I know that he would do what is best for the school.


Student Recommendation #2: I am recommending Hutch Warren for a position in student council. Hutch is a hard worker who always thinks of creative solutions to fix any sort of problem and is also very helpful to others. He is able to adapt to many situations both within school and out. He also is willing to help anyone! I am apart of U-32s Green Team and Hutch created a blueprint for us of our new pollinator garden. Even though he wasn’t even apart of the club he showed up consistently when we needed him and went out of his way to help us with something we didn’t know how to do. Hutch would be a great addition to student council because he sees many different perspectives, is highly capable and knowledgeable and a fun person to work with!

Name: Jasmine Gruen


Grade you are currently in: 11


Personal Statement: My name is Jasmine Gruen and I want my campaign to be about you. I want to be a true representative. Anybody in this position should be a vessel for student voice.


There are many things I’d hope to accomplish if I were to be elected. Some possible initiatives would be improving the support provided for students’ mental health, and another is incorporating more PBL (project based learning) into our curriculum. Though I have ideas of my own, ideas I believe could be beneficial for our community, I want to hear from all of you— each one of you— on what your experience of U32 has been and what you wish it could be. How can we build a better school for future generations of U32 students? I deeply believe in inclusivity, every voice in our community matters. I want to hear yours, because it’s in organizing and articulating our true collective experience that would allow me to genuinely serve as your representative.


We are a group of unique and talented young minds. I think it’s time our educational experience reflects that.

For that reason, I want to make sure that the time we spend at U32 is some of the best. I’ve heard too many of my peers say that high school feels like a wasted opportunity. But, this really doesn’t have to be the case. Instead, let’s make it the first step towards our ideal futures.


Teacher Endorsement: Jes Wills


Student Recommendation #1: When I first heard about the student council, I thought about who I would want to represent me. Who would listen to changes that I wanted to see, and more importantly, who would inspire changes that would benefit the entire U-32 community. Jasmine Gruen immediately came to mind. Since I first met her, Jasmine’s empathy towards other students has stood out to me as something truly unique. You can see how much she cares about the school and the community in everything she does, from teaching music to middle schoolers, to her involvement in the Green Team and Seeking Social Justice, Jasmine is always bringing new perspectives and ideas to the table. Her creativity and ability to think outside of the box to solve problems would make her the perfect student council representative. 


Being a student council representative requires commitment and work ethic. I would not nominate Jasmine if I was not unquestionably sure of her ability to meet the demands of a representative. In my time working with her, she has shown an uncanny ability to juggle different projects and get work done efficiently. Her passion for making the community a better place is obvious from her involvement in the Seeking Social Justice and Green Team student groups, and is truly inspiring. As a member of the student council, Jasmine would bring the voice of every student into consideration, and make changes that benefited everyone in the community. 


Being a student council representative does not just require empathy and work ethic though. It also requires a leader. Someone who doesn’t just care, but acts. Jasmine is not a representative that will just follow the lead of others. Her drive and enthusiasm inspires others to want to be more involved, and her ability to lead a group is a rare and invaluable trait. Just this year, Jasmine created a brand new task force to help educate students, teachers and parents about inclusivity in U32.  The combination of Jasmine’s empathy, work ethic, and leadership skills make her the perfect student council candidate. It is with great pride that I nominate Jasmine Gruen for the student council.


Student Recommendation #2: Jasmine is one of the most ambitious and powerful people I know. When I first met Jasmine she was quiet and didn’t really express many of her ideas. She would keep to herself or only tell small groups of people, but that isn’t the same person she is today. Over the past year Jasmine has become a powerful and motivated public speaker and will speak for any cause or issue she wants to fix. Jasmine has impressed me and the others around her with all the hard work she has done to get to where she is today. Jasmine has spoke at the Climate SOS Rally at the statehouse, and she was a main speaker at the U32 walkout protesting anti gay legislation.  


Jasmine isn’t afraid to put her work out there into the world for everyone to see. Not only that but she wants everyone to have a voice and tries to use her speaking skills and strong leadership skills to give everyone a chance to be heard. Jasmine has always fought for what is right and is willing to listen to those with differing opinions to try to find a solution together. Jasmine is a team player. She makes sure everyone can do something and everyone has what they need to succeed. That’s what a leader looks like. That’s why she should be elected to be one of the senior representatives for the student council. Jasmine will try to let everyone she represents have a voice and she will make sure they are all heard. 


Name: Annora Sylvester


Grade you are currently in: 11


Personal Statement: In all honesty, I have never really held a position in a student council or held a lot of authority over groups or clubs. Freshman Annora would have never dreamed of getting up on a stage or commanding the authority of a room. However now as I near adulthood, I want all of that to change. Instead of waiting for others to take action and make decisions, I want to step up as a student as well as a person and take that action myself. Not only is U32 an institution, but it is also a community. As a member of this community I feel obliged to do everything I can to promote and produce change, so we can have a welcoming and constructive environment. U32 is not perfect, and I don’t intend it to be, but I do want to help institute any sort of change that will make others feel more welcome and respected. I really hope I can make an impact, or even just make coming to school a little bit more enjoyable for everyone!


Teacher Endorsement: Kevin Richards


Student Recommendation #1: I’m a senior at U-32 this year. I’m writing this letter in order to explain why I believe Annora Sylvester is a perfect candidate for U-32’s Student Council. Annora and I have been very close friends our entire lives, and as such, I feel I can speak with some authority on the quality of her character. She is an incredibly creative, caring, and unique person. Annora has many artistic pursuits and interests and is overall a very creative person. From this creativity comes unique solutions to problems, and unique takes on issues that others might not think of. This ability is especially useful in situations where there may not be one specific right answer, but instead many different solutions to one problem. Situations like these are likely to arise in Student Council, as school policy is very complex and there is not necessarily one “right way” to solve a problem within it. I believe Annora would be well suited to the problem solving required for such issues. She is also a diligent student, and is taking several AP classes, as well as a self directed study this year. Having taken some of the same AP classes last year as a junior myself, I can say that the workload and content of these classes is by no means easy. Additionally, her directed study stands out as a sign of her independence and drive as an individual, as she is in charge of her schedule and workload. The final thing I will say about Annora is that I know that she cares. About her peers, her friends, her family, her school. She is a deeply loyal person, and a critical thinker especially when it comes to decisions that will impact others. I know that she will take a role in the Student Council seriously and do everything she can to contribute to meaningful and beneficial choices that impact school culture and policy. I highly recommend her as a candidate.


Student Recommendation #2: Annora Sylvester is a quiet person when you first get to know her. While time goes on I realize that she isn’t quiet because she observes. As someone who can speak her mind but also take in and listen to the other side is a personality trait everyone struggles with. Annora however thrives with this. She not only has a specific brilliance in her hobbies but also a kind heart to go with it. She plays fair, works hard, and supports others. Anyone who has her on their team is lucky to have her.


Oscar Young did not declare his campaign but is running as a write-in.



10th Grade Candidates


Name: Sam Belanger


Grade you are currently in: 10


Personal Statement: I believe I should be elected to the student council because I possess all of the commitment necessary to make this council be effective and successful, as I believe that if I was elected for the consulate I would help bring qualities that would help it so it would not fail like the previous councils. As a council member I will fulfill my duties to show up to meetings and already have an excellent record as I have attended every pre-election council meeting, and due to my experience on the council to set up the election I will have more experience than the other candidates on how to properly engage in the council. And if necessary I would speak to the staff body like I have before during the election set-up process if that is what is necessary to help the students feel as if they have a representative for them.


Teacher Endorsement: Jade Walker

Student Recommendation #1: Sam would be a good student council because he has excellent leadership skills and is really passionate about making change


Student Recommendation #2: Sam should be on student council because he is very mature with his approach to any topic and plays a leadership both in and out of the classroom

Name: Madyson Scribner


Grade you are currently in: 10


Personal Statement: My name is Madyson Scribner and I am a sophomore this year. I don’t do any school clubs or sports; so I think student council would be a great way for me to become a part of U-32’s community. I would love for U-32’s community to become more positive. As well as make it so students voices are heard, and not ignored. I want to be a part of positive change that I believe can happen at U-32. I think being a part of the student council must take a lot of time and effort, but I think it is all for the greater good for U-32.


Teacher Endorsement: Kate McCann

Student Recommendation #1: I am endorsing Madyson because she is someone who takes action. Ever since we were young, she would see a problem and do everything she could to make the outcomes fair for everyone. She want to make our voices heard, and I know she will if she is elected. 

Student Recommendation #2: I think Madyson would be a good fit for student council. The reason that I believe she would be a good fit is because Madyson puts her whole heart out to everyone else around her before she does herself. Madyson is really good at addressing issues and concerns when needed. 

Name: Yolanda Bansah


Grade you are currently in: 10


Personal Statement: My name’s Yolanda and I’m in 10th grade. That’s just a brief introduction. When I first heard that there would be a student council my first thought was that it would look good on a college application. At first, I thought about trying but didn’t think I’d get enough support and thought that maybe I wasn’t fit for the role of representing my entire grade. However, when I had heard that other people thought that I should run, it made me think more about this opportunity and I decided to run. Lately, I’ve been thinking about ways we as students can make change in this school. I feel like numerous students are currently unhappy with lots of things in this school and I think that some changes need to be made to make this school a safe place and a better place for everyone. Especially students and I think the best way to achieve that goal of making school a place where everyone feels safe and can learn material to help them with their futures is by listening to student voices because we as students know best what we want and need. I’m not going to promise stuff that’s totally out of my control as a student right now and promise things that I’m not sure I’ll be able to fulfill but I am going to promise that if I get elected that I’ll work to make sure every student’s voice is heard and not ignored and taken into consideration when making all decisions. Because the point of a representative is to have someone that actually represents the student body and I promise to do that in every way that I can. My first opinions on running for student council have changed a lot. Instead of seeing this as an opportunity for my own benefit, I rather see this as an opportunity to make this school a place where we all are happy to come to and don’t dread coming to this building everyday. Basically, I just want to make school a place where everyone feels welcome and is in a safe environment to learn to the best of their abilities.


Teacher Endorsement: Zach Gonzalez

Student Recommendation #1: Yolanda you are such an amazing and smart and wonderful and kind and educated and beautiful human being, so many people are so happy to have you in their lives and you make this school such a better place, you could make such amazing change happen and share such amazing opinions and I know it and I bet so many people know it too. I believe in you and I am so happy that you are running for student council.

Student Recommendation #2: I think that you would be a great match. you’re so so so amazing and you’re part of the BIPOC community and the student council should most definitely have people of color and women. you know how to speak up for yourself and others. you are independent and strong. you are just so amazing how could you not be on student council!


Name: Zoe Hilferty


Grade you are currently in: 10


Personal Statement: My name is Zoe Hilferty and I am running for a spot to be on student council next year. Since my time at U32 I have noticed that the student body has had very little opportunity to make their voice heard throughout the community. Now that the student council is starting back up again, my goal is to create a more positive relationship between the student body and administration throughout the community and create a safe space for more open conversation. I believe that my work ethic, honest personality and openness would allow me to be an effective leader for all members of the class. I am asking you for your support and vote, knowing that I will make the student body’s voice heard and create a more trusting and open relationship between all members of our community.


Teacher Endorsement: Zach Gonzalez

Student Recommendation #1: I am writing this note to support Zoe Hilfery’s candidacy for Student Council. I have known Zoe for many years, and have seen her step into leadership roles. She would provide these leadership skills in her role in Student Council. I personally believe that Zoe would be an excellent member of the Student Council. She perseveres when things get hard. She speaks up about what she believes in and wants to make U-32 a better place for students, staff, teachers, and administration. Zoe is very outgoing and connects well with others, this would allow her to effectively communicate her ideas and work well with the other chosen members of Student Council. She always works extremely hard and doesn’t stop until she is happy with her work. These traits provide Zoe the needed abilities to succeed in this role. It is for these reasons that I fully support her candidacy. I believe U-32 would be fortunate to have Zoe serving the school as a leader.

Student Recommendation #2: Zoe is a smart and unbiased confident person. She always takes other people’s perspectives into account before making decisions that may affect others. She considers other people’s opinions and makes sure that everyone feels like they belong and feel welcomed.



Name: Willa Long 


Grade you are currently in: 10


Personal Statement:  Hi everyone! My name is Willa and I am running for student council to represent the class of 2024. If elected, my goal is to increase communication between students, staff, and administration. I think it is extremely important that student voices are heard, so that U32 can become a better learning environment. Listening to new ideas from my classmates, and putting those ideas into action, will definitely be one of my top priorities.


Teacher Endorsement: Geoff Green

Student Recommendation #1: I know that Willa would be a good student council member because she is a strong leader in and out of school with excellent communication and transparency with her peers. She has a strong voice on all things she is passionate about and is not afraid to address issues she sees. 


Student Recommendation #2: Willa is a great candidate, she’s a determined hard worker and I know she’ll make her peers heard. she has the brightest personality as shes always positive and kind to others. 

Name: Ella Neff


Grade you are currently in: 10


Personal Statement: If elected as a member of student council, I will work hard to create a community where all students can share their thoughts and ideas- and actually be heard! My goal is to cultivate a school environment that is safe, inclusive, and supportive of not just our academic advancement, but of our social and emotional health as well. I believe we can grow and learn best from each other – and I will work for each and every student to ensure that their voices and opinions are not only heard – but also actualized! As a student council member I would also work with faculty and administration to further the vision and mission of U-32 , and to provide a positive social, emotional, and educational learning environment where all students can grow and thrive. As a student council member I would create opportunities for all students to help craft this positive learning environment, and I would work with teachers, administration and our community to bring our collaborative vision to reality!


Teacher Endorsement: Kate McCann

Student Recommendation #1: “Having known Ella Neff for four years now, I can say with confidence that Ella Neff would make a great addition to the Student Council body. Ella is not only a clear communicator and self-advocator but also a strong voice in regards to social justice issues. She is very personable, charismatic, and a great team player, who I think would work extremely well with others on Student Council.”

Student Recommendation #2: “I think that Ella would be a perfect person to vote for for student council because she is a kind person that will get along with people, and she is very passionate about things she cares about. Therefore I think she would be the best person to vote for.” 



Name: Alice Lamb


Grade you are currently in: 10


Personal Statement: I am running because I am so frustrated that we, despite being the ones that all the adults in the building are working for, have practically no say in the rules and procedures that directly affect us. We battle so much, we are overworked, stressed, and dealing with our own stuff on the side and some teachers still expect us to turn every assignment in on time. Treating students in this manner and making us feel like we have no power is certainly not an environment we can thrive in. I will listen to you and your issue no matter who you are and your opinions, because every single one of us make up the student body. I will be focusing on mental health, the process of reporting for sexual assault victims, and trying to battle this power dynamic that plagues our school. Admin needs to hear us and hear what needs to change and I am not afraid to confront the adults in power, to challenge and stand up for you and what you need. It’s time to dismantle this hierarchy. 


Teacher Endorsement: Bradly Parker


Student Recommendation #1: Alice Lamb is the kindest, most generous, and thoughtful person I know. She is always there to help you and stand up for what is right. She has such a strong and positive work ethic and never has let me down.


Student Recommendation #2: I am writing to support Alice Lamb in the running for our student council because she has the persistence and drive that we all need. She has no problem in standing up and voicing opinions to faculty and staff at U32. Alice would be an outstanding candidate for our council because there are issues that have not been resolved and Alice will no doubt help us all in having a voice.


9th Grade Candidates


Name: Olivia Darby


Grade you are currently in: 9


Personal Statement: I am 14 and I have been through more than anyone should in a lifetime. I knew I liked women at the young age of 7 years old. I came out to my parents when I was 12 years old and they told me “you don’t know who you like or what you want in life, you are to young.” Ever since that day I have had the urge to prove them wrong. I want to show my parents and everyone else in U-32 that I know exactly what I want. I am a brave and independent women and I can do almost anything if I put hard work and my heart into it. I want to change the world one day, but I need to start off small. I think that we all know U-32 has a lot of things it needs to work on. U-32 is top 10 of the best public middle/high schools in vermont (curricular wise). My relationship with U-32 is very complicated. I have never really fit in with the social aspect of U-32. I have been bullied and harrassed constantly at U-32 and the teachers and Admin just “give them a talking to.” I feel like it is not at all appropriate for the school to say that they have a zero tolerance for bullying but yet it happens everyday all day in the school and they barley do anything to handle this issue. This is one of the many things that make students feel unsafe and uncomfortable in this environment. If I get voted to be on student council I want to change the school and make sure I leave it a better place than what I came into. I will fight for more strict rules and punishments around harassment and bullying. I will fight to have feminine products in female and gender neutral bathrooms not just the nurses office. I will listen to students needs and wants and make sure that they are heard by the rest of student council along with teachers, students, admin and more. I want to make this school a better place for all of us so we can enjoy being in this building.


Teacher Endorsement: Lauren Melkonion 


Student Recommendation #1: “I support you Olivia to be on student council”


Student Recommendation #2: “I support you”


Name: Nadia Gongloff-Doolittle


Grade you are currently in: 9


Personal Statement: I think we need a student voice in school administration here at U-32. At the beginning of the year I felt we needed a better way for students to connect with administration, so having students in leadership will make that easier. I started planning student council with a few other students in Branching Out back in November of 2021, and I was on the planning committee throughout. I am a current 9th grade student at U-32, I have been here for three years. As a student council member, I would help facilitate communication in the school so that students feel heard.


Teacher Endorsement: Elizabeth Marks


Student Recommendation #1: I support you running for student council 


Student Recommendation #2: I support Nadia


Name: Calister Boyd


Grade you are currently in: 9


Personal Statement: My name is Calister Boyd and I am running to be a representative for the class of 2025 on the U32 student council. By electing me to the student council you are not appointing a king or a president, you are gaining a voice, an advocate, and a friend. Once elected to the student council I will ensure that the problems people care about are fully and meaningfully addressed. The people of U32 are tired of sentiment leading to inaction. We don’t need you to cry for us we need you to fight for us. The future of U32 is in the hands of the voter. Vote with your hearts and your minds. Vote for our school’s future.


Teacher Endorsement: Kieran Owen


Student Recommendation #1: This is my statement of approval for Cailster Boyd while he runs for student council.


Student Recommendation #2: I believe that Calister Boyd is an amazing candidate for student council because he is an incredibly caring person, with a big heart and amazing personality. He is always kind to his peers, and is very helpful. I know that he will listen to the problems of the school, and make correct decisions while on the council. He will be a fantastic choice and will ultimately make this school a better place. 


Name: Habiboullah Meiloud


Grade you are currently in: 9


Personal Statement: I’m Habib Meiloud and a student in the 2025 class and running for student council. I’ll be honest I was very skeptical of the idea of student council and dismissed it as another thing the school does to save face by making an entity but giving it no ability to change. So I dismissed it until a teacher of mine pointed out that while I have many criticisms and Ideas about U-32 I don’t act to change anything which I found makes me a part of the issue. So I decided to put my energy into trying to improve my school and its community. I want to help make U-32 a place where every student can feel comfortable socially and feel like their needs academically are met. Where everyone no matter their political views, sexuality, race, beliefs, gender, and academic level will be safe and academically met and accommodated for. And I’m not going to promise that I can reach that on my own but I genuinely believe that if we all work together it’s possible and I’m willing to listen to students and put everything into that dream. But I can promise one thing, I will not be keeping the status quo out of inaction. And even before the election feel free to email me your thoughts and issues and I promise I will do my best to respond and resolve them if I’m elected.


As for my own relationship with U-32, I won’t pretend like I’m the perfect student. I’m far from that but I think that for the first time I should push back against a school who to be blunt I feel has failed me and others can relate. And I think for change to happen we need unity within the student body, which I know is a lot to ask but for any substantial change to happen we need to communicate that we are united behind the dream of a better school and community. Change has never come because of one person, it comes from the community’s uniting. And I pledge that if I’m elected I will strive to achieve everything I can for a better future at U-32.


Teacher Endorsement: Geoff Green


Student Recommendation #1: I think Habib Meiloud would be an amazing selection for the student council because he is a hardworking student and a wonderful person. He is able to balance school friends and extracurricular activities very well but when he gets overwhelmed, he understands that he can step back and take a breath before he dives back into the chaos of teenage life. This is an important skill for anyone on the student council because it shows that he can balance his life and take on the new experience. Habib is an amazing friend to so many people. Even if he is meeting someone new he is eager to become their friend. Most people are a little intimidated in a room full of people they have never met before, but Habib sees it as an opportunity. He makes a goal to meet as many people as he can. This is an important skill for the student council because you need to be able to reach out to your peers and hear what they need in this school. Habib does just this! Habib has so many of the traits that I think are important for student council but I think the most important thing Habib brings is his personality. He is a joy to be around. Habib finds a way to make the terrors of algebra class seem like a game. He is kind and funny and he lights up the room just by being there. I think Habib would be an amazing addition to our student council and I know many people would say the same. I have known him for less than a year but in that time he has shown me a whole new view on things like school, friends, and meeting new people. I know I am just one person writing about Habib but I strongly feel anyone who has ever had a conversation with him would agree with me when I say, Habib would be an amazing addition to the student council. 


Student Recommendation #2: I am writing this note to support Habib Meiloud’s candidacy for Student Council. I have known Habib since Elementary School and have seen him step up into leadership roles. He would provide these leadership skills in his role in Student Council. I believe Habib would be an effective member of the Student Council. He has the following traits: drive, intelligence, enthusiasm, he speaks up for what he believes in, and he is personable and connects well with others. In addition, he perseveres when things are challenging. These traits provide Habib the needed abilities to succeed in this role. It is for these reasons that I fully support Habib’s candidacy. I believe U-32 would be fortunate to have Habib serving the school as a leader.


Name: Josie Haley


Grade you are currently in: 9


Personal Statement:  

My name is Josie Haley. I am very interested in making change at U-32 and helping to shed light on problems in the community. I love learning new things, but coming to school is not usually something I look forward to. I think we can make things better here at U-32 and my ultimate goal is for people to feel safe and welcome. There are many ways we could improve the climate here in the building and in the general community. I was excited to hear about the Student Council opportunity because I feel like it is my responsibility to not let my concerns go unnoticed. This is the perfect opportunity for me to advocate for my classmates about what they feel needs changing.


I have gone to U-32 for 3 years and have been living in Central Vermont my entire life. I notice that there are many students that are unhappy with homophobia, transphobia, racism, school policies, and the relationship between students and adults. I am among the students who are frustrated with these issues and the lack of student voice we have had at school in the past. I want to stand up against mistreatment and I want to learn how to govern and make decisions. I believe that having a group of students delegate and provide ideas for improvement is extremely necessary. When I come to school I want to see people who are engaged and enjoying themselves. I think school should be a place where students can complete work in a way that feels accessible. If students felt safe in this environment they would be able to focus on learning, making social connections, and preparing for endeavors past high school.


I have multiple strengths I think would benefit the Student Council including my love for writing and graphic design as well as my organization, determination, awareness, care, and creativity. Not only do I like to discuss issues we experience at school but I also want to make a real change. When asking a few classmates why I would be a good candidate they said, “you have a great influence on others.” As well as, “you’re very supportive,” and “a good listener,” and “ a hard working student in school,” and “a leader that advocates for people.” Lastly, “an outgoing and friendly person who talks to everyone no matter what.” I think these compliments reflect my character well. I am a people person and I love to talk about things I’m passionate about..


If I am elected I will encourage everyone to discuss their own concerns and ideas with me. I also would create visual representations of these ideas that could be presented to the school board or students. To ensure that students outside of the council feel represented I would check in with my classmates about their thoughts and feelings regularly. I envision adapting school policies, such as the dress code, that are outdated and unfair. I also plan to ensure that our school is not only representing important things but taking them into action. I want to discuss student freedom. An example of this is being “timed” when using the bathroom in class, I think it should be a responsibility for students to face the consequences of missing work if they leave for extended periods of time. Overall, I plan to tackle existing policies and standards and adapt them to create a better school climate. I hope to make beneficial changes for our school community!


Teacher Endorsement: Jade Walker


Student Recommendation #1: support statements included in personal statement

Student Recommendation #2: support statements included in personal statement


8th Grade Candidates


Name: CJ Brigham


Grade you are currently in: 8


Personal Statement: Form equality between teachers and students in a common environment. Making a more positive space for teachers and students to learn together.


Teacher Endorsement: Tess Knepp


Student Recommendation #1: Keagen


Student Recommendation #2: Oren


Name: Pearl Jackes


Grade you are currently in: 8


Personal Statement: 

I am writing to express my interest in the student council. My sending school was Doty Elementary and it was at that time that my teachers encouraged me to use my leadership skills. I’ve always been a people person and I enjoy supporting the group dynamic. Now as an 8th grader, my TA Kevin Richards has encouraged me to join the student council.


Some of the things I enjoy at U32 are my classes and teachers, and being on the middle school lacrosse team. Spirit week is always fun because we get to rally together and make our academic lives more enjoyable.


One of my hopes for U32 is that the cafeteria returns to what it used to be prior to covid so that we get the right nutrition to expand our brains, (particularly the sandwich bar and healthy soups). I am spoiled in that way because at Doty we had parents who worked in the cafeteria and had a blast working together to feed us, even with meals from around the globe. Having a few more interest groups offered like gardening, biking, baking, overall cooking and other life skill options would attract more people to be involved with school activities. Not everyone is into playing sports and it’s important to acknowledge that.


I believe that U32 has many more voices that aren’t being heard, especially after 2 years of COVID 19. I want to hear what people have to say about making our school the best that it can be. I am able to advocate for those who are too shy, but also for myself. I’m open to ideas and will really fight for students to receive what they think is right.


For some reason, fundraising comes to mind. Not only for students at the school, but to really expand our opportunities and what we have access to so we can really help the bigger community. My frame of mind is really positive and caring but serious as well. I hope that all students feel supported, understood, and like they matter so that their school days can be more manageable and exciting.


Being on the student council would give me a great opportunity to contribute to the U32 community. I believe our school can do amazing things. I hope you consider having me on the student council. Thank you for your time. I look forward to your vote.


Teacher Endorsement: Kevin Richards


Student Recommendation #1: I’ve known Pearl my whole life and she’s always been good at advocating for others and making things more exciting. Pearl should be on the student council because she is the most confident and outgoing person I know, she also has very good ideas for change within the school. Pearl is amazing at planning events and standing up for what and who she beleives in, she is very determined. Pearl also has many strong opinions and knows how to get along with others. She profomrs well infront of crowds and is very assertive with all of her ideas.


Student Recommendation #2: Throughout my friendship with Pearl I have noticed how open she is with others and their ideas and to be super supportive. She’s great at standing up for people without a voice as big as her own. She’s aways made sure to advocate for others and their needs. I feel that having Pearl on the student council would really help our school to make progress in moving forward and improving the community.


Name: Izzy Parrish 


Grade you are currently in: 8


Personal Statement: Hi, I’m Izzy Parrish, I’m running for student council because even just being here for two years I’ve seen so much happen and I’ve heard so many stories from others that I’d like to see the student body be truly represented, because we have a good insight into problems happening among us. I would like to see the student body have a better represented voice because, when asked the student body can often come up with good solutions because we are living it. I’ve always had a drive for leadership and to help others. Ever since elementary school I’ve tried to involve myself as much as I could with clubs or in school projects. I helped my mom set up multiple field trips for our grade and many fundraisers including; a coat drive, an outdoor winter festival to raise money for our school, and multiple other things. I try to see the good in people and I enjoy advocating for those who are either too scared or would not like to speak up. I am energetic and take initiative to get things done. I enjoy talking and I’m not afraid to stand up for what I believe and I try to see all sides of a problem and come to a common conclusion that benefits everyone’s needs. I form good relationships with staff and students. I try to listen to other people’s opinions even if I don’t believe that what they are saying is right. Everyone deserves to be heard no matter what situation they are in, the first step is just listening to what they have to say.


Teacher Endorsement: Daisy Scarzello


Student Recommendation #1: Izzy is a good person for the student council because she will take it seriously, and do a good job representing our class. she is really easy to talk to and she will listen. she is very committed to stuff she cares about and she isn’t afraid to speak up about stuff. also, She would do the work that is needed for the student council and do a great job representing our class.


Student Recommendation #2: Izzy is a great candidate for student council. They participate in multiple clubs, including GLAMM and Green Team, and in addition I feel confident going to them with an issue in the middle school. Izzy advocates for good causes, and they are a good leader so they should be elected for student council.


Name: Mya Gould 


Grade you are currently in: 8


Personal Statement: I’m Mya Gould, a student at U-32.


Why are you interested in running? I am interested in running because I think that even though U-32 does a pretty good job of letting students have their freedom and widespread opportunities, students are the only ones who know firsthand what it’s like to be a student.

What’s your relationship with U32? I am a student at U-32.

What kind of community do you want to come to school in? Accepting, inclusive, and welcoming, with more outreach to the greater central Vermont community (youth lobbies, planned protests, etc.)

How are you going to communicate that idea? I will go to callback clubs like GLAMM and Green Team to get an idea of what they are already doing and suggest ideas for what we should do next year.


Teacher Endorsement: Sean McIntyre


Student Recommendation #1: Mya would be an amazing councilwoman. She would be fantastic because she knows how to have fun but also while being responsible. Mya would be very good for our school and she would make the right decisions.


Student Recommendation #2: Mya would be a good canidate for the student council because I think she has good leadership skills and would benefit the grade. I also think Mya would make good decisions on behalf of our grade and execute them well.

Name: Zeke Betit


Grade you are currently in: 8


Personal Statement:  You should vote for me if you want your 8th grade representative to be someone who is informed with the student council system, out of the entire 8th grade student body I was 1 of only 2 students who attended the majority of the meetings involving making the council, because of this I am acutely aware of how the council works. I’m not going to make any strong promises as to what I’ll vote for but I will listen to your suggestions, vote Zeke. The obvious choice party


Teacher Endorsement: Daisy Scarzello


Student Recommendation #1: Zeke is a very smart indiviual with good leadership skills


Student Recommendation #2: Zeke is a great canidate that deserves a spot on the student counsel.


7th Grade Candidates


Name: Elise O’Brien


Grade you are currently in: 7


Personal Statement: I’m Elise and I’m a seventh grader here at U-32. I have been going to the student council callbacks ever since the very first one, when there were only two other people. I will always be willing to talk with anyone if they have something they think should be done by the council. I love talking/presenting to both kids and adults and am confident while doing it which is a good strength to have on the council. I have a strong work ethic and don’t give up once I’ve started a job. I also love working with other people to make change happen. I think that there’s lots of things that students could do to improve our school and I would love to be a part of that. I believe that learning about preventing and dealing with harm is important and we need to have more discussions about dealing with harm and preventing self harm. Mental health can affect you just as much as anything else. Addressing these issues in our school is just one of the things that I want to make happen if I’m on the student council. I also want to make a community where students have more choice with what we learn about, so that we have more control over our education. I think it’s very important that we get to help decide what kinds of things we learn because it is our education. I also would want to hear what the rest of the school thinks should change because I know I definitely haven’t thought of everything. I’m looking forward to having more student voice in the school!


Teacher Endorsement: Margaret Keys


Student Recommendation #1: I’ve known Elise ever since third grade when she moved to our school. Elise is also the most strongly willpowered person I’ve ever met. She can get her opinion across and she can get it across CLEARLY. If she puts her mind to something or has something to do she’s gonna do it. I think she has a lot of great ideas and she can listen to people and put work to it. Elise is a very committed person. I think if she were elected she could work together and give a strong argument with good reason behind it. If there is anything Elise has experienced arguing, have you heard her? She doesn’t give up. I think she would be great for the student council because of all these reasons.


Student Recommendation #2: I have known Elise since I was 8. She has always been outspoken and had many opinions, but has always known the lines not to cross. Elise is a very dedicated and hardworking person. She has many skills with organizing, public speaking, management, and other people skills. She is very strong willed and loud, but also very good at listening and helping others communicate their ideas. When I was having trouble speaking up she would always be my voice. Also, she has a powerful voice that will capture the attention of anyone around. She is a leader. Because of all these reasons and more I think that Elise should be a representative for 7th grade on student council.


Name: Amelia Garland


Grade you are currently in: 7


Personal Statement: My name is Amelia and I am a seventh grader here at U32. I am running for student council because I am passionate about making U32 a safe and inclusive environment for everyone. I think I would be good on student council because I can work well with others and I’m always open to new ideas. I care about problems that anyone might have and I’m always willing to listen to them and do what I can to help people solve them in an effective way and am willing to bring them to higher up people if necessary.


Even in my short time so far at U32, I have noticed that many people have to hide who they are in fear of people not accepting them and people who have been bullied for who they are and their beliefs. I believe that these are problems that can be solved if we put in the effort and educate ourselves and others about important issues like these.


Teacher Endorsement: Kerri Zurowski


Student Recommendation #1: I’ve known Amelia my whole life. She has always been such a kind soul. Amelia has always been one to speak her mind and believe in what she thinks. She introduced me to the a task force at school to address sexual harassment, and I really enjoyed that. I think that was a great idea and she found that on her own. Amelia is not afraid to stand up and express what she believes in. (especially in stickers!) She is good at communicating and being someone who you’re not afraid to open up to. Amelia can be a good person to ask questions to and work with to complete an end goal. I think that would really help when having to bring information across. Amelia is a very smart kind of person, she can figure out social issues while thinking about everything. Meaning that she can think about all perspectives and her own. Amelia is open, she can socialize and work well with others with no prevail. I think Amelia would be great as a member of the student council because she takes in all of the information and works with it all. She is a warm body to be in the room with and always has the best advice.


Student Recommendation #2: I have known Amelia for almost eight years. She has never once said something that would cross a line. And even when she was little she was always the best listener. She has this skill to turn the meanest comments into something kind that makes sense to everyone. She has a quiet voice on the outside, but a big one on the inside. She has the most incredible organizing, commitment, and fundraising abilities I’ve ever seen. Because of these reasons, I think that she will be a great representative for 7th grade on student council.


Name: Kathryn Stauffer


Grade you are currently in: 7


Personal Statement: Hi! My name is Kathryn Stauffer. I love the outdoors, playing guitar, and listening to music.

I am running for student council and I am asking for your vote. I believe in listening to each other and in finding common ground. I will listen to you and communicate your ideas, no matter who you are or where you are from. Vote for me and let me be your voice in the decisions being made at our school!


Teacher Endorsement: Margaret Keys


Student Recommendation #1: I have known Kathryn for a long time and even when we were younger she has always been interested by different topics as the rest of us and making change in the world. Ever since I first met her in third grade, her level of understanding of bigger problems in the world was above all of the rest of the class. While everyone else was writing about their favorite sport or animal, she was writing about things like climate change and how to reverse it. Her understanding of the inequality and problems that affect the school and the world has carried on and gotten stronger as she has gotten older. Unlike most people, she knows what to say and when to say it in a way that gets her opinions across effectively and in a way that won’t offend anyone with a different opinion. At the same time, she is great at listening to others and helping people who aren’t as comfortable speaking out their opinions have a voice in the issue at hand. Because of all these reasons, I think she would be a great person to be on student council and represent seventh grade.


Student Recommendation #2: Kathryn is a strong person, that is the perfect word for her, I’ve known her for years and she knows how to debate. If there was ever was a debate team at our elementary school she would be in it. She has big dreams and even bigger ideas, Kathryn knows how to handle most situations and is a big extrovert. She is a very social person and she is pretty open to a lot of things. I’d like to think she is ready to step up and take charge to put forward the things she believes in. She has so many ideas to share and so many problems to solve. Kathryn is a very supportive person, through all the things I say she is pretty great and organizing and turning them into reachable goals. I think Kathryn is a good listener, she knows when to step forward or when to step back. She works pretty great in a school environment and is really good at helping people with school work. If we don’t understand, she knows how to help. I think she would be good for the student council because she can convey ideas and add to them as well as change them.


Name: Kai LaRosa


Grade you are currently in: 7


Personal Statement: Hi my name is Kai LaRosa, I am a seventh grader at U-32 middle and high school you should vote for me to be in the student council. Now you’re probably wondering why you should vote for me and how it will benefit you. Well, here are some reasons why you should vote for me.     

Number one, I want to make U-32 safer for students who are minorities. This is my main goal if I get voted in, many of you reading this are more likely than not white considering how Vermont is the second whitest state right behind Maine. I myself am a student of color and have experienced hateful speech and remarks revolving around my ethnicity, these remarks have come from both students and teachers. Yes that’s right, adults in the building who I should be able to trust have said things about something I can’t control. I have been called racial slurs by students, have gotten told to and I quote, “Go back to where I came from.” Even though I am a legal United States citizen and I was born here. Many students of color have faced these comments or have had stereotypes placed on them simply because of the color of their skin and have been too afraid to speak out because of facing further conflict with the person who said things to them and it is not okay. My plans to help fix this problem or at least lessen the likelihood of it happening at U-32 is to put in place events for students to talk about these issues openly such as open mic sessions. I also hope to educate the faculty at the school about ethnicity and culture because I feel as though they need it the most and it would benefit them as teachers. I would encourage people to stand up for themselves and others when they see or hear something racist happening to themselves or others, and for the people who say racist things no matter if it’s a student or teacher need to have more than just a gentle reminder and need to face actual consequences, what they are I still have no idea and it’s not really my place to decide, just something more than a, “Racism so isn’t radical dude.” 


 I also hope to  educate people on other matters such as mental health and reviving it. Teachers don’t come at me for this but from a students perspective, it is really difficult to get proper mental health treatment at school. I said what I said and I mean it full heartedly, so many students have experienced something traumatic in school  and it has damaged their mental health however they haven’t told anyone for so many reasons. I don’t feel comfortable giving personal examples but I can give my advice to teachers out there reading this, please be observant of your students. Listen to how they talk, what they’re saying and body language and if it seems like a student is acting off with any of these, try to talk to them after class just to check in on them. I know it’s not a foolproof plan but maybe it could help students to know that someone cares enough to check in on them. I give that same advice to students at U-32, if you have a friend that seems like they could be struggling with mental health pay attention to what they’re body language is, how their speaking, and so on, talk to them alone when you get a chance and reassure them that you’ve got their back. 


I have many more things I want to help change at U-32 and even if I don’t get voted in I will try my hardest to make these issues less acceptable in our school. Help me help the school by voting me into the student council.


Teacher Endorsement: Krista Dy 


Student Recommendation #1: I met Kai at the beginning of this and he has always been really good at calming people down and taking control of any situation. He always knows when to stop and what’s going too far when joking around with people. That is a huge strength for someone on student council and just life in general because it makes other people comfortable with him and want to talk to him. He is also willing to talk to anyone about any issues and won’t be afraid to talk or present about hard things that need to be talked about. He has a strong work ethic and if he says he will do something, it will be done by the time it’s supposed to be done no matter how hard it is. He isn’t the type of person to sit by and do nothing while someone else is being made fun of or hurt by someone else. He will stand up for anyone no matter the situation or if he knows them well or not. He doesn’t like making anyone mad and makes sure to put himself in other people’s shoes when making decisions. He knows his values and, like I said before, always knows how to stand up for them and make himself heard. Because he is so good at getting his opinion across, it makes people want to agree with him. Because of all these reasons and so many more, he is the perfect person to represent 7th grade on the student council.


Student Recommendation #2: Emma Canty


Name: Jesse Batdorff


Grade you are currently in: 7


Personal Statement: Hello, my name is Jesse Batdorff and I am running for student council. I see so many issues with homophobia, transphobia, racism, and sexism just to name a few in this school. I have seen many instances going from people treating those in the lgbtq+ community differently and wrongly, to a teacher straight up rolling their eyes when we reminded them that a student uses they/them pronouns. I am sickened by all of these events and want to be able to use my voice to be able to help and make change for good. I will ask for stricter rules around people being those terrible things I listed above.

Now keep in mind this school isn’t all bad I am not trying to paint that picture I am just trying to highlight the issues people sadly have to face in their daily school lives, and trying to do my best to pledge that I will fix it in the future. I think if we work together we can 100% get to the place we want to and need to be. I may have just got here but if I noticed all these bad things in my first year, it needs to get better so those who become in our position later don’t need to go through all of this.

Even if you don’t agree with me we can seek common ground on one idea, an idea that change for the better needs to happen, and it needs to happen now. We will rally together and achieve what we need to, we will make it so that if someone even has the smallest problem that runs systematically in our school we will fix it. Together, we can do great things. Together, is a place we need to be in. I think I can be the human megaphone that helps our school in the aspects it needs help in. Let’s accomplish this united, not divided, we will stand as one, we will make change where we see fit, and we are not afraid to be persistent. Thank you very much for your vote.


Teacher Endorsement: Daisy Scarzello


Student Recommendation #1: I think that Jesse Batdorff will be amazing on student council and will be great help to making our school a better place!


Student Recommendation #2: “Jesse Batdorff can get to the point and persuade others yet being respectful at the same time. Then he will take other people’s thoughts into mind while keeping his opinion strong. I am sure Jesse will make great change.

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