People that keep U-32 Running: Ellen Cooke

This article was written by junior Benjamin Bourgeois as a part a series honoring people who keep U-32 running.


Ellen Cooke is a counselor at U-32. She also keeps her T.A. in check with school, and provides support for students and teachers with activities and meetings.



When U-32 was remote last year Ellen was one of the teachers who was driving to bring food to students. “My favorite part was how the kids looked forward to the bus coming to deliver the food.”


Krista Dy has been working with Ellen for 10 years. During one 2020-2021 school year, her art pod had monthly meetings with Ellen and Nate Loritz to help their mental health. “It was amazing to have that person to person touch,” Krista said. This was just one way Ellen was able to support the school.

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