Sexual Violence at U-32

This article was written with the Help of the Chronicle Team. 


CW: This article contains a link to an infographic containing statistics and quotes about sexual violence and how the school handles it.



In November of 2021, three seniors: Eva Goodwin, Abby Brown, and Gavin Young, stood up in front of the student body to present “Consent Culture and Beyond” a presentation about mitigating sexual violence at U-32.


Along with this presentation students were given a 21 question survey to answer which asked about their experiences with sexual harassment and assault at U-32, as well as their health class education.


Out of the 750 students who are currently enrolled at U-32, 255 students responded. In the months following the presentation, these students created a task force made up of over 20 students in both middle and high school.


In the task force, students analyzed the results of the survey, and came up with 24 recommendations to be presented to the administration and staff with practices that aim to prevent sexual violence, and better support survivors. These students also created an infographic with all the data from the survey, which included qualitative and quantitative data.


Staff Members gather in the U32 Cafeteria during the Ask-able Adults Training 


Senior Eva Goodwin and Mosaic’s Lenna Wertenbaker presenting the survey results to the U32 staff 


You can view the findings of the survey and the student informed best practices below: 

Link to Student Informed Best Practices from the Student Task Force


Infographic Update: Because students were given the option to take this survey, we can assume that those who were most concerned about sexual violence were those who responded. This means there is a possibility that the data is skewed and biased which may increase sexual violence rates at U-32. Infographic below:


Infographic of Student Informed Best Practices and Survey Results


Gavin, Eva and Abby sharing a presentation with the U-32 body about Rape Culture 

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