People that Keep U-32 Running: Jen Duprey

This article was written by Amy Felice, a sophomore in the U-32 Journalism class.


Jen Duprey has been a custodian at U32 since 2001, her hard work and ever-present smile brightening the halls we walk through every day. Starting out as a custodial sub, Jen has hustled her way to the top as head custodian, and declares she wouldn’t change her job for anything.



Jen has an office on the main floor, but rarely spends time in it. What she’s doing depends on what the school needs. The items on her to-do list change every day. She could repair a broken machine one day, and plant flowers the next. Then that night, make the gym ready for the basketball game.


She doesn’t stop at U-32. If any of the elementary schools need extra help, her crew comes to the rescue. The custodial staff will do “whatever it takes to make sure that the kids have a clean, safe environment,” Jen said.


In 2021, Jen was given the SuperHero award by the administration. It’s a testimony to how hard she works, and how much she cares about the community. “She is up for anything,” Amy Molina said, reflecting on Jen’s achievements. “Jenny’s attention to detail is invaluable.” 


Jen’s favorite part of her job is the people, though. At 3:00 p.m. the staff comes together to regroup and relax, to be their own little family for a second. “I mean, you gotta love your job,” she laughs. “You gotta have fun doing it.”



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