People Who keep U-32 Running: David Hannigan

This article was written by Charlie Haynes in appreciation for the work David Hannigan has done for U32. 


David Hannigan has been the head of Grounds and Maintenance at U-32 for 4 years. The first couple of years were good for him, then we entered the world of Covid.


The first summer during Covid there was a committee that met several times a week to plan for returning students in the fall. Amy Molina said that while some on the committee worried about cleaning, and others worried about getting supplies, David “had the ability to see the whole big picture.”  



Wearing masks was the least of his worries once the effects of Covid began to set in. “I’m waiting for a part now,” he said. “I ordered it back on November 1 and it still hasn’t been delivered yet.”  


On an average day, David will be found throughout the school making sure all essential systems are running smoothly.



Even after leaving school for the day, he maintains contact with the school through his radio. The other day Hank Van Orman wanted to find the acreage of U-32’s campus. He radioed David, who replied right away, saying it was 166 acres. David was at home. He wasn’t on the clock, being paid to work. But he was on his radio, keeping tabs on what was happening.

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