People Who Keep U-32 Running : Peter Gora

This article was written by Ava Fitzgerald in appreciation for the work Peter Gora has done for U-32.


Peter Gora has been with U-32 since 1998. Before Vermont he taught in New York, where he worked as a math and physics teacher for seven years. He left New York and came to Vermont to start teaching as a job coach at U-32. A job coach educates students and guides them into the best careers for them. Peter worked with graduating high school students to do just that. 


Now Peter is a paraeducator; he works one on one with students to give them extra structure. He also spends time in class with his students. When he’s there he helps them stay on track and do the work assigned. “I used to go to TA with a student but they’re phasing me out to make him more independent,” he said. 


Peter is a valued member of the U-32 staff. He works hard to make sure his students have a safe environment and help every step of the way. Being here for so long he has seen the school change and grow, and he has seen the students change and grow.

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