Samantha Martzke- Photographer

This story was written by Finley Torrens-Martin, a sophomore at U-32.


Samantha Martzke was put onto photography by family members. Her sister, Kristina, suggested Martzke add it to her schedule. Upon doing so, “I ended up really loving it,” Martzke said.


“I like doing abstract photos more.” Martzke said. “I like going up really close to clear things and playing with the colors.”


This is a picture of “a little paper wheel” from Martzke’s photography teacher, Krista’s room.


Martzke’s older sister, Kristina, posing outside


Martzke said, ”This is a vase that I have and I took a photo of the inside of it. I like the way it isn’t like you know what it is.”


“I used a mirror to get the reflection and the colors are really bright and vibrant,” Martzke explained.


“We have a black backdrop next to the photography room where we meet and there’s these square lights and you can turn them on and then there’s gel plastic sheets of colors that you put over the lights and it makes it colorful,” said Martzke.


“It’s really focused in the front and then fades out slowly,” said Martzke.


See more of Martzke’s work in her portfolio

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