People who Keep U-32 Running: Lisa LaPlante

This article was written by Evie Moore who is a senior in the Journalism class. This article is part of a series that honors figures here at school that keep U-32 running. 


Lisa Laplante is the director of Student Services at U-32, overseeing all the other counselors. She also carries a caseload, makes and edits yearly schedules, and runs the program of studies for students. Day-to-day, she plans schedules when special events occur, manages post-high school planning, and oversees standardized testing, report cards, and transcripts. Lisa is well-known for being the glue that holds U-32 together.


COVID-19 put even more weight on Lisa’s shoulders. Following the end of the 2020 school year, she spent all 10 weeks of her vacation building the teams, schedules, and polishing details. Her hard work was a key reason U32 had in-person education.


However, the most important thing about Lisa Laplante is her heart. Cairsten Keese is a counselor that works with Lisa. “If I’m having a really hard time or if I need support with something I know I can go three doors down,” Keese said. “She will put aside all of the things that she’s doing.”



On her first day at U32, 15 years ago, Lisa made a request that no director of student services had before. “She said that if she would take this job, she wanted and had to carry a caseload of students.” Keese said.


Anna Farber is one of the students on her caseload. “Lisa has just always been there for me,” she said. “She has an open door, you can walk right in.” 

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