People who Keep U-32 Running: Leslie Fitch

This article was written by a senior, Sam Clark. This article is a part of a series honoring figures who keep U-32 running.


Officially, Leslie Fitch is U-32’s Administrative Assistant to the Principal, but she does much more than that title might imply. She works tirelessly to inform and manage teachers, guidance faculty, maintenance staff, administrators, and more. Her institutional knowledge is a large part of how U-32 stays running.


Working in the front office, set back from the hustle and bustle of the lobby, Leslie quietly writes emails and organizes files. According to principal Steven Dellinger-Pate, she is at the center of U-32’s huge information network. 


Leslie sees herself as a supportive figure in the school’s community. “I  play my part to support the folks that are out in the classroom interacting more directly with the students,” she said.



Leslie also keeps Steven informed. “She’s my gatekeeper,” he said. “She makes sure that I get all the stuff that I need, but she also takes a lot of the questions, the little stuff that really doesn’t need to be me answering it.”


Jes Wills, our new Assistant Principal, appreciates Leslie’s attention to efficiency in the school. “In every way that [taxpayers] spend money, she makes sure it’s done the right way,” she said.

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