New Faces: Jacob Kaplan “All I Had to do was Play my Music”

This article was written by Aiden Wiseman who is a sophomore in the Journalism class. This article was written as part of the “New Faces” series that recognizes new staff members to the U32 Community.


In his summers during college, Jacob Kaplan would work at Hershey Park, the chocolate theme park. At the park, he met jugglers, dancers, actors, and he was paid to do what he loved: play music. 


“We played five shows a day, six days a week. It’s pretty intense,” he said. “But all I had to do was play my instrument, and that’s how I got paid.” It was one of his all-time favorite gigs.


Today Jacob Kaplan is U-32’s new music intern working through the teacher apprenticeship program at Champlain College. He’s currently interning for David Powelson.


Jacob has always loved music. “My parents signed me up for piano lessons when I was in second grade, and that kind of snowballed.” he said. After that, he started playing the saxophone.



He credits his long-term love of music to inspirational teachers. He also took private lessons outside of school, and during that time the teacher would regularly take him out for small gigs. 


Jacob still plays in that band. They’re named the Party Crashers, a local band from Randolph. “We play all over, but it’s mostly wedding band music.” He said. They play mostly Earth, Wind, and Fire, or Stevie Wonder.



He said his life in music is what made him who he is today.


 “Either through school or through the Hershey park gig, I’ve met a lot of people from around the country,” he said, “I think something that’s really unique and given me a different view on life.”

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