50@U-32 Quiz : Celebrating its Origin

U-32 opened in 1971. After 50 years, the school (and its newspaper) are still thriving. There are a number of humorous memorable moments from the school’s past. Ever wonder where U-32 came from and what the student attitude used to be like, take this quiz. “What’s in a Name?

An editorial from past Chronicle staff member Steve Young


A clip from the original U32 student newspaper when it was known as the Student Publication


One thought on “50@U-32 Quiz : Celebrating its Origin”

  1. Back in time my grandparents owned the land where your school stands. They were the Emslie family fron Berlin. As a child I used to camp there and sometimes I visit in google for old times sake. Back in the late 50s and early 60S, I camped there and many fireflys would come and be amazing. My grandfather ran a greenhouse operation on rt. 302 in Berlin. He would go to the woods behind where the school is and collect greens for Christmas wreathes.
    There was an elm tree on the land that had an old wagon wheel around it and as the tree grew, It carried the wheel with it. i had many great summers on that old road and sometimes we stayed at Joes pond also. Thanks for listening Peter Johnson, my mom is Elizabeth Emslie Johnson from Weymouth Massachusetts.

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