Bradley Parker: A New Edition

Even though he’s a teacher now, Bradly actually wasn’t a very good student. He says that if you talked to people that knew him well, they’d be surprised he graduated high school. In high school, he focused more on playing instruments and making music than actual school.

Bradley Parker is a new high school chemistry teacher at U-32. His teaching philosophy is to “bring the lenses of science into the classroom.” Before teaching chemistry, he also taught biology.


He is a father of two and says that his kids have taught him a lot of things he didn’t know before. 


In his childhood, he and his family moved every two or three years. He also always had “at least a dog and a cat” growing up.


Outside of school, Bradley loves to make music. Some of the other jobs he’s had are a candlemaker, a glassblower, and a chef. He realized he wanted to teach when he was a TA (teaching assistant).

At first, he went to school for a degree in music. After working for a bit, he decided on returning back to school to get a degree in chemistry and become a teacher.


During Covid, Bradley has focused a lot more of his time playing outside with his son and of course playing music, as well as doing chores around the house and taking care of his pets.


In the words of Bradly Parker: “Never say you’re not going to do that when you’re older because life happens.”

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