Alex Kerin- Photographer

In June of 2018, Alex Kerin went to their very first rock concert, a band called Motionless in White. Alex was originally only going for heavy metal music. They were far from the stage and wanting to go closer. Alex simply couldn’t push through the crowd– instead, they stayed back and enjoyed the lights, the show, and the band members rocking out on stage.


Alex had later recognized the photographs from the concert, on social media. “It really captured a moment,” Alex said, “and that was something I immediately wanted to do.” 


Photography has many ways of defining itself. It can be used to relieve stress, as a fun activity, a job. Alex can see photography as all of these. There are many techniques and styles, but one or two have become specific to Alex over the years.


Alex began taking photos on their phone and later purchased a camera for a more professional look. 


Alex Kerin appreciated photography from a young age. Although they became a big part of it after they became more aware of other creators, on Instagram and other social media platforms.


“I really liked the style of the photos,” Alex said. “Especially during concerts, action pictures, taken at the right moment.” 


After going to many concerts, Alex built up an appreciation for the photographers. They began taking photos during any concert they went to, trying to make it turn out as professional as possible. This photo is during a concert of BadFlower, playing their newest album, “OK, I’M SICK.”

There are moments when Alex has noticed something that would make an interesting photo. They grabbed their phone or camera and took the shot, hoping it was set up and taken well. “When something cool is put in front of me, like this bus, with all the lights, in a dark town,” they said, “I can tell its lights will pop out from the darkness.” 

Movement in a photo has been something Alex has done a lot with. But there’s another piece of simplicity that Alex cares for in their work.


When Alex sees something unique in an area, it’s definitely a photo opportunity. Alex captured this older car, noticing how it would stand out in a photograph in this generation.

A candle is a simple object.  The flames flickering creating light to reflect on other areas can give the piece a complex look. 

Although they really enjoy the action photos, Alex likes to take photos that not only capture a moment but emotion as well. “Portraits have been something I want to do more,” Alex said. But they’re unable to go through with many right now, due to the Coronavirus. 


“I wish I had enough nerve to ask random strangers if I could photograph them,” Alex said.“The thing getting in my way is the thought that they won’t see me as professional enough.” 

Although Alex isn’t able to photograph strangers, they have their friends, family, and even classmates, who are willing to be a part of the photo. 


 This photo was a spontaneous request and was a learning experience for Alex: “Even though I may not know someone very well, or at all, I can still take a photo of them and have a good outcome.” 

“I want to keep practicing,” Alex said, “to become skilled enough to take all different kinds of photos and have my own small business and a website where people could contact me to photograph events and things like that.” 

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