New Faces: Tess Knepp


In high school Tess Knepp never fit into one group. She participated in track, theater, headed up the Horticulture Club, and “tried out every style.”

“I was definitely the person that wore the big black baggy pants and fishnets,” she said. “But I would pair it with some Hollister and Abercrombie, so that was definitely a weird mix.” 


Now Tess Knepp is teaching science in our middle school. She is from the Midwest, outside of Chicago, and has always had love for nature and the outdoors.


Tess spends a lot with her retired sled dog named Kona and this summer she got married on top of Mount Jay. 



Tess’ love for the outdoors and working in an educational setting led her to blindy take a job in New Hampshire, guiding school field trips on Mount Washington in the White Mountains.  


This was her first time in the Northeast. 


“I think that was the biggest change for me,” she said. “I knew where New Hampshire was on the map, but that was the only thing I knew about New England at all.”

After that she then went back to school, then went on to complete a master’s program at UVM, which she graduated from this past spring.


She wanted a job in middle level education and was interested in supporting advisories, having students all the way through middle and high school. U-32 offered that opportunity.


Tess wants her students to develop a love for learning. 


“I like to introduce them to different types of science and different people in science,” she said. Hoping that, “the students that come into class, maybe think they don’t like science, but that they can see themselves a little bit in science.” 

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