“Why Art?” Voices from the Bash

Junior Isabel Giamusso knelt on the ground in front of her Pilot project: a large poster and sticky notes spread over the wall by the amphitheater. She put the finishing touches on the piece and moved back to admire it. 


People slowly started filtering in. They read the instructions on Isabel’s exhibition: to write on a sticky note why they think our society needs art, picked up a marker, and wrote on a sticky note why they care about art.


A few hours later and the art hallway was packed. Different styles of music from different rooms swirled together in the chaos. Some rooms were filled to the brim with artwork. In others, students performed for a rapt audience.


At the end of each semester, U-32’s Arts Bash allows many talented students to celebrate their art with their community. 


Right in front of the art hallway is Isabel Giamusso’s piece. Anyone was invited to write on a sticky note, responding to the prompt: “Why Art?” “One of the big topics I’ve been focusing on is: Why does our society and our world need art,” Isabel said. She also expressed some trepidation about having her art be displayed: “I’ve never had my art be this public,” she said,  “That’s definitely a new experience for me.”

Isabel with her project

Jin Clayton, Freshman, with her Jewelry Collection

Earrings that Jin created for a project focusing around identity. “As a kid I always liked doing puzzles,” Jin said, “and it was how different parts of my life piece my life together.”


Sophomore Harmon O’Hanlon with his photos for Photography 2.

Harmon O’Hanlon’s photos, all titled “Untitled”.


Jed Kurts stands with his pottery work. This is his first pottery class, which he decided to take after everyone telling him it was great.


Three of Jed’s pieces and his piece “Fash” (pictured below) Inspired by his concern with ocean pollution. He created it after thinking about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and how it impacted marine life.



Junior Seth Dunham with a picture he took of his dog.


Sophomore Bodhi Pugliese with his drawing of a pair of hands.


One of the any musical groups performing in one of the art rooms.

Senior Sierra Henderson’s Pilot work showing various words in Hebrew. Pilot is a program where students can design their education around their interests.

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