Caswell was destined to do something athletic. Her 3 older sisters played striker and forward on the soccer field. Her father was a triathlete and biked across the U.S. Her biggest role models were her sisters, dad, soccer coach, and PE teacher.

Lauren Caswell is the new PE teacher, replacing Judy Abbiati. Before Lauren became a PE teacher, she had many different jobs. She was a lifeguard in college, a ski instructor, ran a sports center, and ran a nordic center for a few years. 

 She also worked at a Subway for 2 days in Breckenridge, Colorado. She quit Subway because she would come home smelling like “brekkies” (what they called the people there) and she couldn’t stand it. 

One of her most memorable jobs was working as a ski patroller. The first day that she went out on patrol she had come across a kid that had fallen into a  deep tree well (a hole that is the snow around the tree that you can’t see). The kid was in shock and couldn’t really talk. Lauren froze and didn’t know what to do, she called for help and backup.  After this was over, she realized that helping people in distress wasn’t her thing. 

She started her teaching career shortly after. She started working at Roxbury Elementary, then moved to working at Rumney and Doty for nine years. Many U-32 students know her from their elementary school years. 

She told a story about one of her Roxbury students. At the end of one of her first school years, she left for the summer and got married. Her name went from Lauren Ingram to Lauren Caswell. When school started back up again, she was welcoming back the kids and introducing herself to them.

 One of the kids had said “Oh my god. You look so much like Mrs. Ingram.” 

Lauren thought that the kid was joking, all the kids looked at him and said; “That is Mrs. Ingram she just got married and her name changed.” 

He was so confused and didn’t know that names changed and that she was the same person.