The pottery room is empty save for one individual in the corner. The window is open, and a nice spring breeze flows through the space. Sitting at the wheel with the clay grasped in her hands, she creates mug after mug effortlessly. In a matter of minutes, she has 4 identical mugs ready for the next steps.


Tabitha Lawrence, a senior at U-32, says that her interest in pottery started back in 8th grade when she shadowed a freshman.


“I shadowed Cricket Lieberman,” she said. “She had pottery with Adrian Wade, and the class was handbuilding mugs. It was towards the end of the year and they were getting ready for the art show.”


She says that she didn’t actually take Pottery 1 until sophomore year, and that she wasn’t invested in making ceramics until her senior year.


Tabitha spent the majority of her second semester this year mentoring Izzy Poulson, a senior and notable artist at U-32, in the art of pottery.


“The experience was a lot of fun,” Izzy said. “It was hours of commitment, and I learned a lot from Tabitha. We work really well together.”


Tabitha and Izzy worked together to create a whole set of dishes. They spent many hours after school for months working on this project. The plan was to make 8 bowls, 8 mugs, 8 plates, a pitcher, a teapot, and a big bowl.

Tabitha threw the bowls, and Izzy threw all of the mugs.


“We threw the pitcher together,” Tabitha said. “She was sitting on one side of the wheel and I was sitting on the other. It was a bonding experience.”


Tabitha has also invested a lot of her time in photography. She says that she likes to photograph nature and enjoys doing portraits as well.


“My best model is my cat, Shadow,” she said. “The most dysfunctional model, because he doesn’t really listen to me, but the most beautiful by far.”

Tabitha says that she spends a lot of her free time taking photos with her Nikon camera. She says she wants to capture moments that mean something to people.


“I don’t want to feed into the poison that is social media,” Tabitha said. “But at the same time people want good photos for their Instagram and stuff. I’m trying hard to find a balance.”


She also combines her two art mediums by photographing her ceramics.


“Some of my biggest accomplishments this year,” she said. “I’ve made two teapots, which is definitely a step up from what I’ve been doing previously which was basic little bowls or pinch pots.”


And for photography, she says that her biggest accomplishment has been a double exposure photo she did of a friend, Alexandra Dune.

Tabitha says that she plans on pursuing pottery in the future and that she would like to be a pottery teacher one day.


“My art is very important to me,” she said. “It’s been life changing, investing my time in doing something that has meaning to me.”