Foursquare Champion

On May 29th, in the courtyard behind U-32, crowds of cheering and screaming middle schoolers leaned over cracked pavement lines. A dusty, red kickball bounced between four boys. They were playing a game, but it was clear to see this was an intense competition. A play fight between two boys almost turned into a real brawl.

 Foursquare has a long history in the U-32 Middle School and the game goes back hundreds of years. Rain or shine, foursquare games play on.  

“I played a few games on the basketball court,” said Kaelyn Hayward, another eighth grader. “And then slowly as it moved over to the courtyard, I quit playing because all the seventh graders were there and they wanted to play too so it got crazy.”

The game is more than just a lunch-time activity. “There is a lot of arguing that happens out there and it can be pretty hysterical,” Kaelyn added. “It just makes everyone laugh that we are fighting over nothing.”

There’s one question everyone is asking: who is the ultimate foursquare champion? Rumors say it’s a competition between two eighth graders, Cole Hayes and Wyatt Brown.

Some students are on the fence about who the champion is, however Wyatt admitted,“Cole Hayes is probably the actual foursquare master.”

On that Wednesday, the almighty Cole Hayes took his place in the 4th square spot. He ruthlessly spiked the ball into the first square, giving his opponent no time to react. Cole gave a brief smirk. This was not the first time he felt victory.

It is clear to see that Cole has experience and his impressive skills don’t go unnoticed. His phenomenal ability to catch his opponents off-guard is remarkable. Soon to graduate from the middle school, will Cole be able to keep his title as the best?

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