Spirit Week Posters- Internet Download?

Random spirit week posters plastered the school this week without warning, and students continued to pay little attention. Was spirit week downloaded from the internet in an unsuccessful attempt to shift the school’s focus from the ever-looming proficiency-based grading? Or perhaps, Montpelier High School students put up the posters, mistaking our school for theirs.

An even more pressing theory: were the spirit week posters Russia’s latest effort to infiltrate our national security? Our latest sources say Admin is looking into it.

Regardless of the motives, the spirit week posters were demonstrative of U-32 students’ infamous and wholehearted participation in school spirit. The whole two students who participated in “Athletic/Theater Day” (possibly by accident) are indicators of the absolute pride in our school that every student carries with them. Perhaps internet printouts are the new way to go when it comes to mobilizing the student body.

Due to the massive spirit week success, proficiency posters will be put up around school in the hopes of convincing this year’s juniors to graduate along with sign up posters for the upcoming “Reperformance Camp!” available this summer.

A rumor has spread hinting that the administrative team may currently be looking into Diploma Print Out Programs (DPOPs) for struggling students.

The pep rally has been scheduled for Friday in response to the downloaded spirit week. We asked a student to comment on the downloaded spirit week and upcoming pep rally.

“Wow, Student Council is finally doing something,” they said with a smirk.

Student council is not running the pep rally.

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