Snapshot: The Pottery Room

Sweet Home Alabama blasts through the speakers in the pottery room. Light streams through the windows, as kids mold, shape, and sculpt their clay. Four students occupy the pottery wheels, turning grey blobs of clay into bowls.

A student shouts a request as the song fades. “Wagon Wheel.” “Ugh, that’s the worst.” A couple kids giggle at the student’s protest. Seconds later, Wagon Wheel blows through the speaker.

Students all around the room focus intently on their projects, hands slowly getting covered in clay. Adrian Wade walks around, helping kids, and smiling at their jokes.

“Oh this is so off balanced,” Eli Oliver says, leaning back at his wheel. “You have to do it like this,” Lily Fair says, leaning over to try and save his project. Over by the windows, Trevor Patterson hunches over his sculpture, fixing it awash the sun streaming through the windows.  

“You’re so good!” Joe Franco says, leaning over Izzy Poulson’s clay teapot. “OMG and that face, it’s amazing.”

“Thanks, I stayed until like six yesterday working on it,” Izzy says, giving finishing touches to the teapots cover. Joe gives a last smile, whistling Soul Man as he walks to put something in the kiln.

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