New Faces: Christine Fitch

Christine Fitch looked 19,341 feet below her to see the side of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and a sea of igneous rock. She felt relieved after seven full days of hard work and climbing. Fitch and her company visited and taught some youth groups in Tanzania while they were there.

Fitch went into college studying international relations as her major but decided to double major in geology. This is where she found her connection with science.

The students’ sense of security is her first priority. “If they feel safe then they can learn more,” she said. She likes to adapt to all of the students’ learning styles and addresses all of their needs.

She has empathy for students in her class who are not exactly fond of the subject.  “I didn’t like science in high school,” she said. “I remember being in biology as a ninth grader and being completely confused.”  It wasn’t until she took a geology class in college that she realized she actually enjoyed science.

Before teaching at U-32, Fitch worked as an environmental consultant for five years. She enjoyed working there but felt like she was disconnected.

“[Now] I feel very connected with my community,” she said, “and I love teaching my students.”

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