New Faces: Jill Abair

When Jill Abair was a young girl, she often had disagreements with her two older sisters. Abair was swimming in their pool one day when her middle sister yanked the ladder out, leaving Jill stuck.

“My middle sister is very strong-willed,” Abair said. Her sister refused to put the ladder back into the pool until Jill said that she was her favorite sister. She was “pretty pissed off.”

Abair is the new librarian at U-32 who took over for Laura Abbene. She has been working in libraries for about 11 years and worked at Calais Elementary for the past 5. As much as she enjoyed her previous jobs, she wanted to work in a high school which is why U-32 was a perfect fit.  

In high school, Abair loved to sing and was in theater. She was in a chorus group that sang at George Washington’s grave on a field trip. As an adult, she sings at weddings and funerals. She participated in “Mom’s Rock” at Higher Ground.

Abair’s husband owns his own business as a landscaper in addition to a being a fireman and being in the military.

Abair loves to spend time with her two children. Madison will be 10 in January, but already thinks she’s 16. “She wanted to drink coffee this morning!” Abiar said. James is going into first grade.  Ever since starting her new job at U-32, she has more time to enjoy with her kids.

Abair now has her dream career. She enjoys recommending books to students and hearing their feedback. Abair loves building these types of relationships with students. “My maiden name is Read,” Jill says, “it’s kind of like I was born to do the job.”

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