New Faces: Brian Flynn

Brian Flynn moved from table to table clearing supplies, moving it to different parts of the room. The walls were almost empty, showing little sign of the new alternative program in the Shapiro Building. The shades were drawn and the desks shifted apart as he stopped to say goodbye to another teacher leaving, then he continued to work.

Flynn is a new special educator at U32. Growing up in Newton, Massachusetts, Flynn always had people looking out for him so he looks out for other kids. Having coached both baseball and basketball and coming up on his 25th year of teaching, he prides himself on helping kids reach their full potential. He attended Suffolk University where he was certified as a Social Studies teacher but then decided to be certified as a special educator: “There was more of a need to work in special ed”.

In his free time, Flynn is involved in Babe Ruth baseball where he is one of the state commissioners. He also enjoys riding motorcycles and when he really wants to “nerd out” he collects pre-World War 2 toy trains.

Flynn is no stranger to being a mentor. One of his mentors paid for his first semester in college. “His message was to always give back. That’s why I became a teacher.” Flynn gets satisfaction from helping kids graduate who, “at the beginning of high school, were projected to drop out.” He also speaks of the difficulties. Sometimes being a special educator is a “high stress” job.

“It seems like a very welcoming and student-centered place,” Flynn said. “So far it’s been a positive experience.”

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