New Faces: Matthew Girouard

Matthew Girouard edged closer to the 400-foot drop. He had taken the trolley out to the small, 15-foot by 15-foot cabin supported by wires across the canyon, and stood on a six-inch-wide and two-foot-long diving board.

“I just inched my way forward because my feet were tied together,” Girouard said. “I got my toes up to the edge and looked down.”

Then he took the fall.

Remembering the breath-taking experience of bungee jumping in New Zealand, Girouard said, “I would do it again tomorrow if I could!”

Growing up in the small town of Coventry, Vermont, Girouard attended North Country Union High School. He kept active with basketball, soccer, and track. He still loves being outdoors today, hiking, traveling, and rock climbing.

Now starting off at U-32 as the new high school physics teacher, Girouard creates different ways to engage his students. He uses puzzles, station games, and a deck of cards for solving problems. Girouard loves finding unique and fun ways to help his students learn.

“The way everyone treats each other is really kindly,” he said of his new school.

“It’s like we are one big team, working together.”

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