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Elizabeth Marks walked slowly past her students’ horseshoe of desks. The room was unusually silent. Each student patiently waited as she challenged her memory, performing the task new teachers often struggle with: remembering names.

Marks grew up in Vermont, attending Thetford High School, known for its annual cross country meet. Marks then attended Cornell University for undergraduate studies. She returned to Vermont and attended UVM for the MAT program (Master of Arts and Teaching Program), getting her Masters degree in teaching. Marks took night classes while student teaching in the day, “It was time-consuming…” she said. “It was mostly just me studying.”

Marks is just twenty-three. She looked for a teaching job right out of college, and being smart, dual licensed and bilingual, she had many options of where she wanted to teach.

While being interviewed at U-32, she was intrigued to find an eighth grader and a ninth grader on the interview committee. Marks immediately admired the involvement of students at U-32.

Elizabeth Marks is now a part of the U-32 community, making a young and bright impact for all students and fellow teachers. In room 240 you will find Elizabeth, teaching a room full of upbeat students ready to learn, where the infamous “Cell Phone Hotel” sits in the front of the room.