ASK ANYTHING #2: Asexuality

The following question was selected from the “Anonymous Box” from Meg Falby’s 2nd Semester Sex Ed classes. Answers are created by students…for students!


Q – “If you are asexual, how do you come out to a partner?


A1 – This must be a tough position to be in. Feeling pressured is natural, but you should be proud for being able to identify as asexual. The best advice is to just be open and honest. I’m sure this might be a bit scary, but if they’re not going to respect that, you know this is not a person you want as a partner.

A2 – The earlier, the better. This way everyone understands expectations in the relationship. Asexuality IS a sexuality. For some, this is permanent, for others it may be fluid…and this is very important to communicate how YOU identify. Everyone needs to communicate what they want in the relationship and each person needs to feel heard and respected.


The Purple-Red Scale of Attraction


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