Zach Schneider’s Faith and Fashion

Zach Schneider, a senior at U-32 stepped in front of the class wearing black joggers and a white t-shirt.  The assignment was to pick something you are passionate about and act it out by making a yoga sequence. After he had presented his poses for the yoga sequence, he passed around clothing he had altered to represent his faith.  One was a blue jean jacket with a cross sewed onto the back.


“The biggest influence I’d say is my sister,”  Zach said. Zach’s sister, Samara, also has a love for fashion.

“It’s crazy to think I have been an example to my brother!”  she said. “But all I can say is that it is honestly not me, but God.”  

“I like keeping up with the latest trends,” she said, “but also I like to dress to stand out and to have my own style.”

Samara got her inspiration through her Grandfather.  Her Grandfather was suffering from cancer and it was not only his wisdom that helped her, but the joyful attitude while suffering from his condition.  

Faith can be challenging, Samara said.  “Ultimately, I want people to know that faith in God is scary, but rewarding.”  

Sean Odum is Zach’s pastor at Enough Ministries in Barre.

Sean Odum, Zach’s pastor at Enough Ministries


“Throughout my life I’ve had a lot of mentor figures,”  Odum said. “One guy who’s been a mentor to me was in the navy.  We used to call him ‘Sin Buster’”.

Sean said that he loves the idea of combining faith and fashion.  “When I was younger, I used to walk around wearing shirts with crosses on them,” he said.  “I think it’s a great expression of your faith.”

After high school, Zach plans on going to a Christian school where he can continue to practice his faith and fashion.  

“It’s an amazing thing,”  Zach said. “When you can incorporate your love for one thing into another.”  


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