Issac Kingwood: Marine Poolee

Issac Kingwood walks up the stairs to the door of the St. Johnsbury Marine Corps Recruiting Center.

“Sir, Poolee Kingwood requesting permission to enter the room, sir.”

Inside the recruiting station, Sgt Richardson, the recruiter for 2nd squad, watches Kingwood on a screen. Over the intercom Sgt Richardson demands Kingwood do pushups before entering.

“Just do them until I get bored, Count out loud.”

“Aye, sir,” Kingwood responds.. “1…2…3…”  

After around 45 pushups Richardson stops him. “alright, get in here.”

Kingwood is poolee, part of the delayed entry program (DEP).  He has enlisted and while he is still in school he is in the program to prepare for boot camp next year.

All of the poolees who were attending P.T. that day were now in Sgt Richardson’s office.

As Sgt. Richardson told the poolees, the purpose of P.T. is “…to make sure everything is good and that you still want this because every 90 days someone priorities might change.”

The poolees were tasked with two rounds of fireman carries, for fitness and to prepare to carry a wounded soldier.  Each poolee picked up another on their back.  Some were large, some small, but they carried each other down and up the steep hill.

Sgt Richardson didn’t feel as if Issac and his fellow poolee’s were challenged enough.  He added two more rounds.

Issac is in better shape than the majority of poolees.

”Honestly, he is very motivated,” Sgt Richardson said.  “But he can get a little cocky at times, which we are looking for in the Marine Corps.”

Pushing fellow poolees above their breaking point is Issac’s specialty, being the leader for the pool.

“He does motivate the other poolees and can get them going when he really wants to,” Sgt Richardson.

For Kingwood, joining the marines is a chance to serve his country, and also a personal mission.

“I enlisted into the military to make money and be financially stable,” he said.  “And to prove something to myself.”

Enlisting into the Marine Corps has changed Issac’s life around completely.  He is part of a team.   

“You lose your voice a lot, you scream at the top of your lungs and get motivated,” he said.  “To be a better person in all aspects… to be an outstanding character every day of my life.”

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