Snapshot: How Long to Finish a Large at Dairy Creme?

Two cars pulled into the Dairy Creme parking lot, side-by-side.  Bella Parento from Montpelier and Eli Stoudt from U-32 met here for an ice cream eating competition. The two regularly eat creemees, and had previously been bragging about which one of them could eat more. Now, the athletes raced to see who could finish an infamous Dairy Creme large creemee cone first.

Bella Parento: “I’m obviously going to win.”

Eli Stoudt: I’m very passionate about it [winning], and that’s why I’m about to put my life on the line to protect the lasting rivalry between the schools.”

Parento: “We always have pints of ice cream in our house. My dad used to work at Ben and Jerry’s, so we’d have lots of ice cream. I’m ready to take on the large.”

Stoudt: “I’m lactose intolerant. Here at Dairy Creme, they sell lactose free ice cream for people like me. I’d call it a gift [being lactose intolerant] because I don’t poison my body with ice cream.”

Parento: “Yeah I poison my body with ice cream.”

Stoudt: “My body is healthier and is ready to take in whatever it needs to take in.”

Stoudt: “I’m going to do the vanilla non-dairy maple twist- large please.”

Parento: “Can I have the maple and coffee twist- large please- with rainbow sprinkles.”

Parento: “I’ve had two brain freezes so far. I’m killing it. Pain is gain.”

Stoudt: “I’ve never felt pain before in my life. My ice cream is really tender.”

Parento: “I’d really like to shoutout to my Montpelier friends, because they’re really smart.”

Stoudt: “I’m really nauseous.”

Parento: “I’m feeling awesome. I could eat another one after this.”

Parento: “I just wish I looked as happy as these other people eating their ice cream.”

Stoudt: “I need to go somewhere else to eat this. I just can’t be near you.”

Stoudt finished his cone after 12 minutes and 8 seconds. At this point, Parento got a brain freeze again which ruined her chance at the win. She finished over 2 minutes later at 14 minutes and 47 seconds.

Parento: “I can’t feel my mouth right now.”

Stoudt: “I didn’t expected the win to come so easy. You finished two minutes behind me.”

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