Snapshot: Lacrosse and Subarus

Hunter: You guys hear about the lacrosse game tonight? The boy’s game against Montpellier?

Liz: Yeah, actually I’m bringing my cousin. You guys should come and we could do something after.

Zack: I’m not, no.

Hunter: Why?

Liz: It’ll be a fun. An enjoyable game.

Hunter: Yeah, no, it should be a decent game I think.

Liz: Come on we gotta support them it’s literally just in Montpelier.

Zack: You guy’s gonna win though?

Hunter: We’re gonna do well. We’re gonna play as a team — support each other.

Liz: Get your asses beat?


Zack: Hey, keep it clean.

Liz: I mean last year you only won one game.

Hunter: Hey, we’re one-for-one right now.

Zack: You’re .500?

Hunter: Huh.

Liz: Hey, look at this. (Adjusts laptop screen)

Zack: What is it?

Liz: Subarus. Connor Rice is tuning his.

Hunter: (Pause) I’m just watching Connor Rice’s Subaru get tuned?

Liz: (Laughs) Yeah.

Zack: Alrighty guys I gotta go.

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