Snapshot: Procrastination at its Finest

Late on a Thursday morning in the cafeteria everyone is talking loudly, some about their weekend plans, others about anything.   

Carly and Alex are doing some last-minute work.  Alex is studying for a chapter quiz in AP  U.S History and Carly is trying to finish an Expo paper due right after lunch.

“Carly is definitely a procrastinator,” Alex says.  They laugh about it and  try to get back to their work. About every 30 seconds they are distracted.

“Why did I get a burrito? Why do I let Gus convince me to dumb things?” asks Alex.

Carly, half eating her lunch, answers:

“That’s why you only get burritos from Chipotle, the real MVP.”

Last minute studying means you don’t care about the details.  “I don’t know how exactly he did that but whatever.”

Carly wanting that good grade: “If I have 2,729 words that should be a 90%”

One of the few moments they are both silent and focused. Lasting about 30 seconds.

“I can’t do it Alex.” Carly says wanting to finish her paper but doesn’t have the energy. “Just do it Carly.”

I tell them the prompt is ‘expert at work’.  

Alex, laughing: “What is an expert at work? Carly eating her burrito?”


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