Snapshot: Matting vs. Mounting

Kristine Chartrand’s room is illuminated by fluorescent lights and the brightness of the snow outside of her window. The sound of saws grinding against metal fill the air. Kristine stands at the back table at a paper cutter, preparing mattes for her student’s pieces.   “Everyone has to submit three pieces to the art show and I have twenty drawing students so I’ll need at least sixty [mattes]. Or more.”

She describes the difference between matting and mounting. “Mounting is when you adhere it with glue versus matting creates a window for it to sit behind.”

“I usually have them mount on their own and I buy pre-cut mattes, but I’m trying something different this year.”

In the center of the room, the makings of the next lesson.

“They’re still life objects. I put some stuff on a table and I move it around. I look at it from all angles to make sure there’s something interesting to draw all the way around.”

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