Snapshot: Girls’ Hockey, Before & After Brattleboro

BEFORE: Payton Kurrle

An hour into the bus ride, players are asleep with their heads resting on backpacks, and feet stretched across the bus aisle. After a strong start to the season, the Raiders had lost a series of games, but recently bounced back with a win against Harwood. This game against Brattleboro would decide if the Raiders would continue to succeed or slump back into their losing habits.

“We had to pick up a player at the Berlin park-and-ride, because the traffic was so bad because of the Women’s March that was happening down in Montpelier,” assistant coach Forrest Smith said. “There were people that thought we were the shuttle to the Montpelier area. They kept coming up and we had to tell them that we weren’t.”

“My first game ever, I had been playing hockey for about two weeks before that game,” sophomore, Chloe Schiff answered after asked about her first hockey game for the Raiders last season. “I’d skated not that long before that, so I was really new. I didn’t think that I was actually going to play in that game, but I was still so nervous just to be sitting on the bench. I was a little embarrassed because I wasn’t that good at hockey. My heart was beating so fast.”

“It was 1-0 Harwood in the third period. The harwood goalie was stopping shots left and right, from the center. I knew the only way that I could score was to trick the goalie. I passed to my teammate Michaela, and quickly cut into the middle,” Bella Parento reflected on her last game. “She passed right back to me; I shot and scored. I was so excited.”

Parento had new ideas for tricking the goalie in their upcoming game: “I will go wide, so I can take some space from the defender,” Parento said. “Then I will cut to the middle and deak out the defenders. I have the people following me; my teammates. I can either pass to them or I could fake out the goalie and score.”  Parento would get two assists in the Brattleboro game.

AFTER: Tien Connor

The team is waiting for the coaches to come in, they are sitting with smiles on all faces. Words are being spoken between each hard breath they take.

They came off the ice winning 2-1, and scoring both goals in the last period.

The winning goal scored from Michaela Bernier and assisted by Jordyn Michaud.

“I brought it around the top and Michaela got the rebound and hit it in, we were winning 2-1 with 16 seconds left,” Jordyn said.

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