Snapshot: Firing on Ice

 Biathletes at the Ethan Allen Firing Range

Shots break over the quiet, snow-covered field on a brisk, clear day at the Ethan Allen Firing Range. The snow crunches as Lucy Wood skis over to Dan Westover, awaiting instructions alongside the other young skiers gathered around the former olympian as he teaches them the art of biathlon.

“I went to Colchester high school, and when I graduated I found…the sport [of biathlon], and that’s what allowed me to keep racing after school, and led to the olympics.”- Dan Westover 

“I was on the ‘98 olympic team, I got done racing in 2002. Now I’m mostly helping groom [the trail], helping the youth programs.” 

“Rule number one to gun safety: muzzle control. If you keep the gun pointed downrange, you won’t shoot anybody”

True to his National Guard background, Dan offers anyone who enlists in the Guard “a brand new pair of skis, boots, and poles.”



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