Is the Dress Code Sexist?

Recently students have started to question and debate the fairness of school dress codes claiming they can be sexist. Last year, our student council looked over our dress code, due to the complaint from a young woman who had been dress coded multiple times. They decided to stick with the dress code we had. Our current dress code states:

Students are responsible for dressing appropriately. Items of clothing inappropriate for school include those which:

  • Promote the use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs;
  • Depict in words or graphics messages that demean, harass, exploit, or ridicule others;
  • Contain profanity in words, graphics, obscene gestures, actions, or messages; and
  • Are excessively revealing. Such items include but are not limited to those which expose the chest, abdomen, navel, buttocks, or underwear.

Final determination of appropriate dress will be made by the administration and students may be asked to change.


If you have any thoughts about the dress code, please let us know what you think.

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