Strange Creature Spotted in Worcester

Emily Wooliever, a local eyewitness in Worcester, VT, saw a creature one night when she was walking outside. Emily was simply enjoying a quiet night with her friend.

“We saw this thing, pitch black, darker than the night sky.” Emily says, “It was approaching us, and it wasn’t stopping, so we just ran to the streetlight, as if it was going to save us or something.”

However, as Emily states, when she passed into the streetlight, the creature seemed to vanish and was entirely unseen. She didn’t see the creature again for a while, until about three months later.  

“I was outside, taking out the trash, when I notice that this thing is in our yard, just sort of looking around, and it seemed like it was headed towards me, so I ran inside and locked the doors, and I haven’t seen it since,” Emily says, recounting her second encounter with this strange creature.

Most people, when confronted with a startling dark creature, would assume possibly a stray dog, but what makes this creature a mystery is that it’s “too big to be a dog, to skinny to be a bear, and not big enough to be anything else,” as Emily states.

Emily isn’t the only one with unsettling experiences with the mystery animal. Conor Cooley, another resident in Worcester, recounts his story of a time he was sitting at home when his mother heard a strange noise outside.

“I was sitting at home and it was sort of late evening, when my mom comes in my room looking pretty freaked out.” Conor said, “She asked me if I had heard the noise outside, she looked pretty spooked, and she described it as a noise unlike anything she had ever heard before, which is weird considering she is a veterinarian and usually knows animal noises. If it was a noise that gave her the look she had on her face it must have been a pretty strange animal sound.”

Conor knows Worcester pretty well; he has lived there for a good portion of his life, and he and his family have seen many animals around there including moose, bears, deer, stray dogs, and other animals you would generally expect to see in the more nature filled parts of Vermont.

“I don’t think we can really say we know every single type of creature that lives in Worcester, nobody can really know,” Conor said.

The experiences don’t stop with Conor Cooley however. Cecil Pashe, another local resident in Worcester, tells his story where he claims he saw something strange and unexplainable on the edge of the road in the woods while he sat staring out the window of a car.

“It’s like one of those moments when you see something unexpected and it takes a while for the thing you just saw to sink in, and once it does it’s kind of bone chilling.” Cecil explains, as he recounts the story. Cecil managed to catch a glimpse of something with long skinny legs, on all fours and about the size of a small car on the side of the road.

An artist’s rendering of the creature, based on eyewitness accounts.

“It kind of looked like a really tall person on all fours, sort of leaning up against a tree, but it also kind of looked a bit like a gigantic dog, I’m still kind of unsure because I only saw it for a second when we drove by, but it wigged me out, man.”

As Cecil describes the look of this creature more as he tries to remember, it shares a startling similarity with the stories recounted by Emily Wooliever.

“Well it was a pretty bright night out so I could see the trees pretty well, but this thing was just pitch black, like it looked kind of like a shadow.”

As of now, no expert evidence has come out to prove the existence of such a weird creature, as far as experts are concerned they know most of the kinds of animals that live in the Worcester area. Whatever these eyewitnesses are seeing, it isn’t known by experts.

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