6 thoughts on “Survey: To Track or Not to Track?”

  1. I believe that the idea of putting all of the Dem Routes classes together would be a great amount of a downfall for students and teachers. I think this because everybody in this school has different levels of needs, and wants. With that combining CP Dem Routes, and Advanced Dem Routes could not only make it really challenging for people who aren’t ready or interested in Advanced but also make it really boring and too easy for those who don’t want to take CP Dem Routes. I say we shouldn’t do it. It could also be very stressful for the teacher(s). The classes would be larger making it so the teachers have to give more homework out and check more homework as well as keeping track of how many students show up to class, who participates and many other factors. It would just make everything harder.

  2. I find that the idea of completely dividing classes is good. Keep CP and Adv. shouldn’t combine.

    Unless you want to make students happy

  3. Putting all students in one class can put some students at a serious deficit. I believe that the reason our school (and other schools) have different levels of classes really helps create necessary divisions, in the sense that students who take AP level classes are most commonly very interested in that subject and are looking for more of a challenge, where as there are other students that are just getting the necessary credits to graduate, mixing those two groups can make the whole experience much less enjoyable to those students who want to learn more.

  4. Honestly I don’t know what much of the difference is between the advanced class and the CP class, but forcing all students to take the same class where some may be held back has always been wrong, and a major flaw in the school system.

  5. I really enjoy Advanced Dem Rts and I think that it is good for students to be able to pick their own level (CP or Advanced) . I also like how Christiana tests our moral reasoning and keeps the class interesting, however I prefer to take my own notes instead of having them in an organizer.

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