Rogue Survey: Crossing the Line?

Someone used a fake gmail account and U-32’s student email distribution lists to send out a mock survey last week.  Each of the survey’s questions was framed to make vulgar jokes, often at the expense of specific, named students and staff.   

Tanner Cameron, a Junior, was mentioned in the survey. “This whole survey was a waste of time, because they were spreading false rumors about me,” Cameron said. “School is for school, school ain’t for spreading rumors and making fun of people.”


“It was derogatory and demeaning,” said Robert Carter, one of U-32’s technology support specialists. “We did our best to understand what happened, and act accordingly.”

Carter said the tech department easily identified the students behind the survey and has restricted access to the school’s distribution lists in response to the incident.  “Our primary goal is to make sure the students are safe,” he said.

For Carter, the survey was not just in poor taste; it was mean-spirited.  “You are pointing a finger at someone who did not ask to have a finger pointed at them,” he said.  “If it’s not cyber bullying, it’s public defamation.”

image02Travis Garand, who works in U-32’s cafeteria, was also targeted in one of the jokes. “It is just uncalled for to say people’s names in this way,” he said.   “I would even call it cyber bullying.”

While the survey certainly got some laughs around the school, many students felt it had crossed the line.  “I don’t think it was appropriate,” said senior Dashiell Vermilya.  

“The purpose of a survey is to gather information.”

Jacob Toro, another senior, felt the survey was disruptive, “…especially sending it to students in school, during the day.  It affects students who are trying to focus on their schoolwork.”

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