Pilot fuels new-look library

The bookshelf in the reading corner of the library is empty, but on top lies various green paints and green tipped brushes. On the panel above the window a mountainous landscape scene is starting to form.

The current pilot project for Lydia Bohn and Harry Georgaklis is to give the library a new look after 10 or more years of the same paint.

image00“There’s not that many places in the building I think where kids are allowed to paint on the walls,” said librarian Vicki Palmer. “We started this tradition over ten years ago and I think it’s fun to let a new group of students in and paint on the walls.”

“We are working for our art credit for pilot and repainting the poles in the library as well as repainting this hideous ivy,” stated Lydia Bohn while she was refilling her plate of green paint.

This idea came from the pilot teacher, Chris Blackburn, and librarians Vicki Palmer and Meg Allison.

They haven’t sketched any serious ideas for the panels above the windows or the poles. They are hopeful that the ideas will come while painting.

“Right now we are trying a nature theme,” said Lydia. “All the poles will be nature oriented,” added Harry.

With a theme in mind but no really clear vision for all of the parts, the duo is free to try anything.

“They’re mostly just really small ideas and we haven’t finalized any of them yet,” said Harry.

With such a big project it would make sense to plan out the designs for each part. “We’ve done a few basic sketches but nothing to in depth,” Lydia told me.

“I think it’s kind of more fun to just send it and see how it turns out,” Harry finished.

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