Student Sits Down on Grass, What Happens Next Will Shock You

The last couple weeks the weather has been at its peak. It’s been up in the 60s even in the 70s. However, it is just recently spring, so the grass may not be ready yet, found out Max Willing.

Willing was walking along the wood trails when he decided to take a break. He found a nice spot, bent down and sat.

“I can’t believe it happened. It was an accident. I didn’t realize what happened until I was sitting comfortably.”

“The grass was wet.”

“The grass was wet.”

“I sat there for a few minutes. I waited. I was thinking about what I had done, what happened… I knew that my pants were wet now.”

“So I just sat there,” Willing said. “I thought about things while I was there. I thought about last night, my girlfriend. It was the last time I saw her. It’s upsetting that the next time she sees me I’ll be a changed person. Everything will be different.”

“My life is changed and there’s no going back.”



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